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Dr. Fred C. Adams
University of Michigan

Project Title

Future History of the Universe, Including Time Variations in the Constants of Nature

Project Summary

This project will study the future history of the physical universe, including its constituent astrophysical objects, over time scales that greatly exceed the current cosmic age. This work will be carried out over a wide range of scales and will include the evolution of planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe itself. Within this general theme, this project has several related goals: We will use the latest astronomical observations and experimental results to construct an updated time-line for the projected future of our universe. One of the intriguing issues that has been studied recently is the possibility that the physical constants can change with time. We will incorporate these time variations into our projection of future cosmic history. Finally, motivated by the possible existence of other universes, we will study the structure and evolution of astrophysical systems for which the values of the fundamental constants are different than those in our universe. Although this research will focus on components of the physical universe, such as stars and planets, these bodies are essential to the possible existence of life. As a result, this work will inform issues relates to life in the future of our universe and life in possible alternate universes.

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