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Learn more about how FQxI makes a difference directly from our grantees, Scientific Advisory Council, and Members.

Joshua Deutsch

FQxI has had an impact on science that vastly exceeds its size and resources.

From my perspective, FQxI has had an impact on science that vastly exceeds its size and resources. Its funding model distinguishes itself from more traditional sources, by selecting high quality proposals that emphasize originality and creativity. Their approach is far more likely to lead to real advances than, say, the U.S.’s NSF and NIH, where it is widely acknowledged that new and innovative submissions get squelched, all too often. Their grant calls are well chosen to be in broad areas which are of fundamental importance, and not part of some fleeting trend. They get applications from a wide range of researchers in science, philosophy, and history. Lastly, its highly original meetings have had an enormous influence on my thinking, and many other researchers, in ways that are very significant.

Geoffrey West

FQxI is an important part of the fundamental physics community, especially regarding expanding the boundaries of what questions can be addressed.

Hiranya Peiris

FQxI has catalyzed much-needed dialogue between disciplines that rarely engage in an intellectual discourse; such connections have already enabled path-breaking research and could drive future paradigm shifts…FQxI remains almost unique in this space.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn

FQxI advances human knowledge as no other organization on earth, daring to gaze with a sharp eye and an open mind over the horizon in physics and cosmology, yet always maintaining highest standards of scientific analysis and integrity.

Closer To Truth (CTT) is proud to have a long relationship with FQxI. Beginning in 2007, CTT has filmed several hundred interviews at FQxI conferences and created over 20 FQxI-derived TV episodes that are broadcast on PBS/public television stations, Closer To Truth website and Closer To Truth YouTube channel. Core topics include: cosmology, multiverse, beginning(s) of the universe, end of the universe, time, information, quantum theory and the observer, even consciousness. Views are in the low millions. FQxI addresses the big questions of existence and fundamental reality, questions that have no boundaries and reflect our common humanity, today needed more than ever.

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