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How We Make a Difference

At FQxI, we are committed to supporting scientific revolution, not just evolution. FQxI funds high-risk, high-reward projects that challenge the status quo. Our interest is in science as an end in itself. Before technological advances and lucrative spin-offs comes curiosity and a desire for knowledge in its own right.

Through FQxI’s grantmaking programs, we are able to support scientists working at the forefront of their disciplines. Those who challenge the ideas that others take for granted. Those who are able to dream big and then roll up their sleeves to test their ideas.

FQxI runs grant programs to support research endeavors varying from large-scale support of laboratory work to mini-grants awarded to create workshops where great ideas can be exchanged between colleagues. To date, we have provided over US$29 million in funding across ten RFPs and 28 mini-grant (now Fulcrum Grant) rounds, generated thousands of scientific papers, hosted six international conferences, and supported a large number of meetings and workshops.

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