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“Who can apply to FQxI’s programs”

Although we’re based in the US, FQxI is an international organization. The majority of FQxI’s grantmaking, 55%, has been awarded to non-US institutes.

Who can apply/participate in FQxI’s programs:

  • Our contests are open to everyone, not just scientists.
  • Our Zenith Grant programs are open to researchers (theorists and experimentalists) and outreach specialists whose work is related to the RFP topic. However, funds are only distributed to organizations that are non-profit organizations or equivalent to this (e.g., this includes a majority of academic institutes worldwide). There is an equivalency determination process for those institutes not certified as a nonprofit.
  • Our Fulcrum Grants program is open to FQxI Members only.
  • Our events and meetings are currently invite-only due to limited resources, although we will often stream or post videos/talks to share with all who are interested.
  • QSpace is open to everyone.

“Who is a member of FQxI? Can I become a member?”

As shared above, an FQxI Member is a researcher (theoretical or experimental, or both) or outreach specialist who works on topics within the purview of FQxI, has a mindset supportive of FQxI‘s goals and philosophy, and has excellent credentials and significant research/outreach accomplishment and promise.

Membership of FQxI is determined by nomination and is largely restricted to those who are active contributors to an academic community.

There are three ways to become an FQxI Member:

  1. First, successful PIs of FQxI‘s Zenith Grant programs are given two Membership nominations automatically.
  2. Second, FQxI solicits nominations from current Members on an annual basis. Subject to approval by FQxI, individuals with multiple nominations whose work fits within FQxI‘s mission are invited as Members.
  3. Third, top FQxI contest winners (1st prize winners) are given one Membership nomination.

All nominees are reviewed by FQxI one to two times a year. A small number of these nominees, who fit all the qualifications shared above, are invited to become Members. Pending their acceptance of the invitation, they will become a Member.

I thought I was already a Member.

Please note that an FQxI account (online access to log in to’s forums or applications) does not constitute Membership.  

All Members of FQxI are listed on our Membership page.

“Can FQxI review or publish my book, paper, or theory”

FQxI does not review papers, theories, or epiphanies, so please do not send email requests for us to do so.

If you have a published book or paper, you are welcome to contact to share this. If it is deemed to be of interest to the QSpace audience and the timing works, we might share information on the site or via social media.

Those with papers published in peer-reviewed journals or who have a preprint on can contact to request a new Forum thread be set up to discuss the paper’s findings.

Anything posted in the Forums represents the views of the author alone. By posting, FQxI is not stating that the work is accurate or that we support the views shared. Posting in our Forums or having an essay posted to the site during the FQxI essay contest does not constitute FQxI “publishing” or “reviewing” the work. To suggest otherwise is fraud.

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