Vieques, Puerto Rico
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FQxI’s 4th International Conference

FQXi Conference on the Physics of Information


Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

W Hotel Retreat and Spa


January 5-10, 2014

“Information is the currency of nature.”

Seth Lloyd

The past century in physics seems to lead in a surprising direction: away from physics as a description of objects and their interactions, and towards physics as a description of the evolution of information. Is this the correct way to think about physics and the physical world? What is information? What does the term “information” even mean? What role does information play in quantum gravity, cosmology, thermodynamics, life and consciousness, and what links does it provide between these areas?

FQXi’s international, interdisciplinary conference on the Physics of Information will bring together leading researchers to discuss the significance, meaning, and uses of information in physics. The conference location and schedule will maximize interaction between attendees, with ample time for organized and free discussion in inspiring environments.

The meeting will take place on the secluded island of Vieques in Puerto Rico, situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Our conference hotel ( is located on the water, providing us instant access to their private beaches.

The Physics of Information is the fourth international conference organized by FQXi, in its series of meetings designed to bring together specialists working on foundational questions in physics and connected fields. Please visit our website for info about previous FQXi conferences, including our 2010 meeting on the nature of time, Setting Time Aright.

This conference is by invite only.

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