Membership Nomination

*Please note our Member nomination review is on hold temporarily as we update FQxI’s Membership selection process. You are welcome to submit a nomination, but please note it will be some time until the Membership committee is able to start reviewing nominees again.

This is an open call for FQxI Membership. Nominations for eligible researchers and outreach specialists are being accepted on a rolling basis. You can submit a self-nomination or nominate someone else.

FQxI Member is a researcher (theoretical or experimental, or both) or outreach specialist who works on topics within the purview of FQxI, has a mindset supportive of FQxI’s goals and philosophy, and has excellent credentials and significant research/outreach accomplishment, and promise.

Criteria for Membership

  1. Is an exceptional researcher and/or has an exceptional record of outreach and equity work,
  2. Works on Foundational Questions in Physics or Cosmology,
  3. Has a Ph.D.,
  4. And their academic interests align with FQxI’s foundational themes.

Membership benefits include

  1. Eligibility to apply for Fulcrum Grants of $1,000 to $15,000 for travel, workshops, collaborations, equity work, and more related to questioning the foundations of science. These grants are for Members only.
  2. Invitations to international conferences hosted by FQxI (based on capacity).
  3. Posting privileges on FQxI’s Forums.
  4. Participation in a community with scientists and outreach specialists excited to explore the foundations of science.
Membership Nomination

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