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FQXi Mini-Grant Winners

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FALL 2016

Awardee   Institution Value   Project Title
Andrew Strominger Harvard University $1,500 STRINGS 2017 tel aviv
Renaud Parentani Universite Paris-Sud 11 $2,000 Observing the entanglement of phonons in atomic BEC
Maulik Parikh Arizona State University $2,000 Research Travel Support
Alexander Vikman Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences $2,300 Paris-Prague collaboration
Giacomo D'Ariano Universita' di Pavia $2,500 The Observer of the particle in quantum field theory
Maximilian Schlosshauer University of Portland $2,500 Stealthy Observation in a Quantum World
Carlo Rovelli Samy Maroun Center $3,000 The observer in a quantum gravity event
Olimpia Lombardi CONICET-University of Buenos Aires $3,175 Support of Invited Speakers for the VIth Conference on Quantum Foundations: The Problem of the Observer in Quantum Mechanics
Jorge Pullin Louisiana State University $3,200 Models of downward causation and observers
Ruediger Schack Royal Holloway, University of London $3,650 QBist causal networks
Erik Curiel Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy $4,000 The Philosophy of Howard Stein, and Its Contemporary Influence
Vitaly Vanchurin University of Minnesota $4,000 A Study of Multiverse Puzzles
Christopher Fuchs University of Massachusetts Boston $4,500 Why the Quantum? A Video Series
Jeffrey Bub University of Maryland $4,600 New Directions in the Foundations of Physics
Lidia del Rio ETH Zurich $5,000 Summer school on Observers and Quantum Foundations
James Weatherall University of California, Irvine $5,000 Workshop on Bohrification
Andrew Hamilton JILA, University of Colorado at Boulder $5,750 Observers Inside Black Holes
Eduardo Guendelman Ben Gurion University $6,000 Bahamas Conference on Gravity, Particles and Cosmology
Ian Durham Saint Anselm College $6,164 Travel support for the 2017 RQI-N conference and for ongoing collaborations on relativistic quantum information
Paul Busch University of York $8,000 Categories of Incompatibilities as Quantum Constraints on Observers
Flavio Mercati University of Rome `La Sapienza' $8,000 Quantum-mechanical observers and relativistic observers meet at the Planck scale
Carlos Barcelo Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia $10,000 Gravity's land
Samir Mathur The Ohio State University $10,000 Workshop on `Physics of the Observer'
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