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FQXi launched in May 2006 to catalyze and support research on the foundations of physics and cosmology. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we're showcasing our top 10 most popular articles, videos, podcasts, essays and the 10 hottest discussion topics at the frontiers of physics, for the past decade. Thank you to the FQXi community, including our contributors, funders and visitors to our site.

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"Complexity: Living Systems from Cells to Cities"

Geoffrey West

"Does Time Exist?"

Julian Barbour and Tim Maudlin

"Boltzmann Brains and Eternal Inflation"

Sean Carroll

"String Theory v Loop Quantum Gravity"

Carlo Rovelli and Raphael Bousso

"What is Consciousness?"

Christof Koch and Giulio Tononi

"What is Time?"

David Eagleman, Paul Davies, Tim Maudlin, Raissa D'Souza and moderator Jennifer Ouellette.

"Is Consciousness a State of Matter?"

Max Tegmark

"Is the Multiverse Real?"

Max Tegmark

"Is Time an Illusion?"

Julian Barbour


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An Exceptionally Simple FAQ
Garrett Lisi

A new paper, "An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything", has attracted a great deal of interest, from both the scientific community and the general public. This forum comment thread will collect my short descriptions of this new theory, in response to questions posed from reporters serving different readerships. It's in chronological order -- sorry for the chaos. Please don't add comments here (they won't be replied to) -- if you wish to discuss the theory, an appropriate thread is the FQXi forum post where I first speculated on E8 Theory. If you'd like to read more about me personally, or leave an opinion or encouragement, there is an Exceptionally simple personal FAQ.

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you said, "The first cosmic law is that nothing can be determined unless established with what is contrary to it. And things are sometimes concrete and sometimes abstract and both are the same according to law. "

That is beautifull and very true.

Much of the other stuff you said was a bit too deep for me. Maybe I lose the meaning from your translation into English. I don't know.

Good post though. I would like you to be more clear on what point you are making...


Could the very nice structure of the E8 have a possible geometric connection with the sub-structure of the universe? Could logic be the pre-geometric precursor to such a structure i.e. could a simple rule of logic create in an explosive process this E8 structure as a sort of fractal?

( I am thinking about the basic quantum of time evolution, a small explosion with an actual structure that translates into specific sizes, shapes and masses from sub-atomic particles to...

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