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FQXi launched in May 2006 to catalyze and support research on the foundations of physics and cosmology. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we're showcasing our top 10 most popular articles, videos, podcasts, essays and the 10 hottest discussion topics at the frontiers of physics, for the past decade. Thank you to the FQXi community, including our contributors, funders and visitors to our site.

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"String Theory v Loop Quantum Gravity"

Carlo Rovelli and Raphael Bousso

"Is Time an Illusion?"

Julian Barbour

"Is Consciousness a State of Matter?"

Max Tegmark

"Boltzmann Brains and Eternal Inflation"

Sean Carroll

"Does Time Exist?"

Julian Barbour and Tim Maudlin

"What is Time?"

David Eagleman, Paul Davies, Tim Maudlin, Raissa D'Souza and moderator Jennifer Ouellette.

"Is the Multiverse Real?"

Max Tegmark

"Complexity: Living Systems from Cells to Cities"

Geoffrey West

"Neural Relativity"

David Eagleman


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Faster Than Light
Sophie Hebden

Good science needs heretics—people who aren’t afraid of seemingly mad ideas that may end up leading us to new truths. Once in awhile, their crazy proposals make the transition from taboo to—if not quite the mainstream—the respectable fringes of physics, with a host of associated offshoots by independent researchers. This is what has happened to cosmologist [link=http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/people/j.magueijo]João Magueijo’s speculation, just over a decade ago, that the speed of light isn’t the physical constant we take it to be.

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I can accept that several pappers have been published changing c ,I can understand but the problem is that never this constant has changed with all the experiments made each years by all the best labs and centers on this Earth.If these papers had been accepted and recognised,so all our special and GR d be different in the peer Review ,journals and others,it is not the case.

I accept the assumptions and the freedom of publish like they want,but they have not been recognised like true...

Lol c is an invarient constant,fortunally for our general and special relativity. I see and read thinkers telling that c the light speed is not constant??? it is pure nonsense because it is a Lorentz invariant relativistic in the vacuum accepted and verified each year by many skilling labs and experiments.So frankly it becomes ironical there. Do they understand these experiments made by teams of skilling professors with the best engineers?? Maybe they confound some problems of measurements that...

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