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FQXi launched in May 2006 to catalyze and support research on the foundations of physics and cosmology. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we're showcasing our top 10 most popular articles, videos, podcasts, essays and the 10 hottest discussion topics at the frontiers of physics, for the past decade. Thank you to the FQXi community, including our contributors, funders and visitors to our site.

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"Is Consciousness a State of Matter?"

Max Tegmark

"What is Consciousness?"

Christof Koch and Giulio Tononi

"Does Time Exist?"

Julian Barbour and Tim Maudlin

"Complexity: Living Systems from Cells to Cities"

Geoffrey West

"Boltzmann Brains and Eternal Inflation"

Sean Carroll

"Neural Relativity"

David Eagleman

"String Theory v Loop Quantum Gravity"

Carlo Rovelli and Raphael Bousso

"Is the Multiverse Real?"

Max Tegmark

"What is Time?"

David Eagleman, Paul Davies, Tim Maudlin, Raissa D'Souza and moderator Jennifer Ouellette.


Hot Topics from Forums and Blogs

"Spookiness" Confirmed by the First Loophole-Free Quantum Test
Zeeya Merali

Spookiness, it seems, is here to stay. Quantum theory has been put to its most stringent “loophole free” test yet, and it has come out victorious, ruling out more common sense views of reality (well, mostly). Many thanks to Matt Leifer for bringing this experiment -- by a collaboration of researchers in the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK -- to my attention (Quantum Mechanics Braces for the Ultimate Test.") In that article, I quote quantum physicist and FQXi member Nicolas Gisin saying: “This race is on because the group that performs the first loophole-free test will have an experiment that stands in history.” We may now have a winner. The test is a version of an experiment set out in the 1960s, by Irish physicist John Bell. He came up with a way of working out whether nature was really as spooky as it seems on the quantum level, or if a more common sense explanation was p...

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Unfortunately you didn't take part in the last essay contest. I feel the timespan insufficient for carefully reading so many essays, reading the comments, and thoroughly discussing the most relevant arguments. Even D. Traill was not yet aware of your paper. Others mentioned J. Christian. A. Kadin was sadly affected by the dead of his mother. I consider some arguments by Klingman, by Szangelois, by Bollinger, by Watson, and by De Santos perhaps either relevant or indicating weakness....

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