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FQXi launched in May 2006 to catalyze and support research on the foundations of physics and cosmology. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we're showcasing our top 10 most popular articles, videos, podcasts, essays and the 10 hottest discussion topics at the frontiers of physics, for the past decade. Thank you to the FQXi community, including our contributors, funders and visitors to our site.

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"Is the Multiverse Real?"

Max Tegmark

"Boltzmann Brains and Eternal Inflation"

Sean Carroll

"What is Consciousness?"

Christof Koch and Giulio Tononi

"String Theory v Loop Quantum Gravity"

Carlo Rovelli and Raphael Bousso

"Neural Relativity"

David Eagleman

"Is Consciousness a State of Matter?"

Max Tegmark

"Does Time Exist?"

Julian Barbour and Tim Maudlin

"Is Time an Illusion?"

Julian Barbour

"What is Time?"

David Eagleman, Paul Davies, Tim Maudlin, Raissa D'Souza and moderator Jennifer Ouellette.


Hot Topics from Forums and Blogs

Alternative Models of Reality
Zeeya Merali

If you have an unconventional, alternative model of reality, then this is the place to discuss it. (This is for contributors who have preliminary ideas and would like feedback, but do not have an academic paper or arXiv preprint and have not given a conference talk based on their ideas.) Edited on 31 August to add: Thanks to Peter and John for commenting on my recent Nature article: "The Origins of Time and Space," which surveys some of the recent ideas on reality, and could serve as inspiration for this thread. :-)

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A new theory of time


The text of "100 Autoren ..." is available in German with typos.

In Apeiron vol.20 (2018), Buenker (Wuppertal) didn't question STR. Were therefore all 100 authors of 1931 wrong? Einstein was perhaps correct when he argued: Why so many arguments instead of a single one?

Laymen might be alarmed by words like Norton's "subtle" or Einstein's "evidently" instead of the admission of a lacking logical basis.

Let me criticise the 100. Having read just a few, I doubt that they...

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