FQXi Special Prize Opportunity

"Most Courageous Postdoc"

Cash Prize: US$1,000

Sabine Hossenfelder, FQXi Member, recently won an FQXi Mini-Grant through which she has requested the Foundational Questions Institute grant a "Most Courageous Postdoc" prize of US$1000. The winner will also be offered membership to FQXi. The main criterion for the prize is the courage and effort a postdoc has put into his or her research on foundational questions in physics and cosmology. For information on relevant research areas, please see www.fqxi.org.

The additional criteria for this prize are listed below. We encourage you to nominate candidates who you think are worthy of this distinction:
  • Must have a PhD in physics or related field, but not have reached faculty level.
  • No self-nominations!
  • The candidate shall have demonstrated extraordinary passion for unraveling the secrets of the universe and big unsolved problems in FQXi's focus areas. Via:
    • Dedicating time and effort to develop own theories despite this bringing great risk and not being helpful to one’s career;
    • Following one’s interests in fundamental physics despite the local environment being unsupportive or even outright discouraging;
    • Disagreeing on the consensus despite the likeliness of being ridiculed; and,
    • Publicly demonstrating one’s passion.
FQXi will review candidates for this prize during our RFP review panel meeting in November. Based on the nominations, FQXi will select one postdoc to receive this prize for their courageous endeavors.

All nominations must be submitted by 11:59pm EDT on September 30, 2010.
FQXi will only accept applications submitted through our website; we will not accept any faxed or emailed applications.

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