Who is FQXi?

The Scientific Directorate provides the scientific leadership of FQXi, advised and overseen by the Advisory Council. Scientists participate in FQXi's grant programs, and/or by becoming Members. Grant decisions are made by external review panels, and a Donor Advised Fund administers the grants. Legal and financial oversight are provided by the Board of Directors.

FQXi is supported solely by philanthropic donations. Opportunities for you to participate may be found here.


Scientific Directorate

Scientific Director: Anthony Aguirre, Professor, UC Santa Cruz
Aguirre received his Ph.D. in Astronomy in 2000 from Harvard University. He then spent three years as a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton (narrowly missing Tegmark) before accepting a Professorship at the physics department of the University of California at Santa Cruz. Aguirre has worked on a wide variety of topics in theoretical cosmology, ranging from intergalactic dust to galaxy formation to gravity physics to the large-scale structure of inflationary universes and the arrow of time.

Associate Scientific Director: Max Tegmark, Professor, MIT
A native of Sweden, Tegmark earned his Ph.D. in physics at Berkeley in 1994. He then worked as a research associate at the Max-Planck-Institut für Physik in Munich, as a Hubble Fellow and member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and as faculty at the University of Pennsylvania before joining MIT in 2004. Tegmark's research has focused on cosmology theory and phenomenology, but has also included diverse topics such as interpretations of quantum mechanics, predictions of inflation, and parallel universes.
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Advisory Council

FQXi is in the process of updating our Advisory Council. We look forward to announcing our new council members later this year.

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Board of Directors
This entity provides legal and financial oversight for FQXi.

Anthony Aguirre - Associate Scientific Director, FQXi
M. Amanda High - Chief of Strategic Initiatives, The Reinvestment Fund
A. Sarah Hreha - Executive Director, The Gruber Foundation
Kavita Rajanna - Managing Director, FQXi

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FQXi Members are the lifeblood of our organization, consisting of top researchers and outreach specialists in our fields of interest. New members are added in two ways. First, successful FQXi Large Grant PIs and contest winners are given nominations automatically. Second, nominations from the Membership itself are solicited semi-annually. Subject to approval by FQXi, individuals with multiple nominations are added as Members.

The listing of current FQXI Members and information on the nomination process, is available here.

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