Scientific Program Manager

The Foundational Questions Institute (, a nonprofit "virtual institute" supporting research in physics and cosmology, is seeking an unusual candidate to aid in developing and implementing all aspects of its programming (see to see what that includes).

The ideal candidate would have many or all of the following attributes:
  • A PhD in physics, astrophysics, or astronomy, along with experience in fundamental research in those subjects, and knowledge of current research and researchers in the field.

  • Interest in supporting/administrating, rather than only performing, physics and cosmology research, and in developing and implementing new strategies for doing so.

  • Strong interest, or better yet some experience, with scientific grants and grantmaking (e.g. serving on grant review panels, writing grants); willingness or experience in engaging with such constructs as 'budgets' and 'contracts'.

  • Very strong writing skills, scientific and otherwise. At least some computer skills and general tech-savviness.

  • Ability to work at least half-time, and in a 'virtual office' as a consultant with minimal infrastructure support.

  • Other ineffable qualities such as: strong self-motivation; good strategic planning capabilities; sound judgment; strong interpersonal skills.

Compensation will be at least competitive with postdoctoral research positions.

To apply:

Interested candidates should send a CV and detailed cover letter, in PDF format, to Kavita Rajanna. No phone calls please.

The position will remain open until filled.

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