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The following FQXI member videos are presented courtesy of Closer To Truth:

Member Institution Video
Anthony Aguirre UC Santa Cruz How are Multiple Universes Generated?
Anthony Aguirre UC Santa Cruz 2011 Essay Contest Award Ceremony
Stephon Alexander Haverford College How Do Particles Explain the Cosmos?
David Chalmers New York University Why is Emergence Significant?
Paul Davies Arizona State University What is the Far Future of Intelligence in the Universe?
George F. R. Ellis University of Cape Town How Big Can the Cosmos Get?
Alan Guth MIT Why is an Inflationary Universe So Astounding?
Alan Guth MIT What are the Implications of Cosmology?
Alan Guth MIT How Do You Make a Cosmos? (1 of 2)
Alan Guth MIT How Do You Make a Cosmos? (2 of 2)
Andrei Linde Stanford University Is Life and Mind Inevitable in the Universe?
Seth Lloyd MIT Is Time Travel Possible?
Fotini Markopoulou Perimeter Institute How does Beauty Color the Universe?
Roger Penrose Oxford University Why Did Our Universe Begin?
Lisa Randall Harvard University Why is Quantum Gravity Key?
Martin Rees Cambridge University What is the Doomsday Argument?
Lee Smolin Perimeter Institute How Can Space and Time Be the Same Thing?
Max Tegmark MIT How Vast is the Cosmos?
Alexander Vilenkin Tufts University Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Life and Mind?
Steven Weinberg University of Texas at Austin Where Do the Laws of Nature Come From?
Frank Wilczek MIT Why Do We Search for Symmetry?
Stephen Wolfram Wolfram Research Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?
Wojciech H. Zurek Los Alamos National Laboratory What is a Theory of Everything?

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