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At The Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi), we're engaged in an extraordinary enterprise: rigorous scientific exploration into some of the most profound questions imaginable, by a global network of leading thinkers who, in their search for answers, advance the limits of understanding.

The Foundational Questions we pursue have always been central to the human quest for knowledge: How did the universe begin? Is our experience but one among many? What defines reality, existence, consciousness, and other familiar but richly complex concepts?

Big Questions like these have historically motivated paradigm-altering discoveries. Yet, most traditional science funding today is directed toward low-risk research with clear applications. Government and other support of high-risk, high-reward inquiry into Foundational Questions is quite small, and as a result, many of the most fascinating, fundamental issues remain unexplored.

That's why we established FQXi—and that's why we invite you to join the adventure.

Since 2006, FQXi-backed scientists and others passionate about examining the enigmas at the frontier of science and at the foundation of our conception of the universe, have produced remarkable results, intensifying enthusiasm about physics, cosmology and related fields among both scientists and the general public.

But there is more—much more—to be done.

FQXi offers you a unique opportunity to make a significant difference in our worldwide effort to investigate some of humanity's oldest riddles. As our partner, you will experience first-hand the science of those you sponsor.

FQXi thrives at the leading edge of an exciting intellectual adventure—one that is as old as humankind, and as new as tomorrow. Become a fellow explorer in probing the deepest mysteries of all time... and perhaps beyond.

FQXi invites your participation at a variety of financial levels. Your ideas are welcomed as well. Our small size and independence from federal agency or university funding rules enable us to freely and flexibly tailor programs. We can also work with you to identify key areas where your support would make maximal impact. And in return for your generous support, you will always have access to our global network of emerging and eminent scientists.

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