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FQXi Mini-Grant Winners

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FALL 2017

Awardee   Institution Value   Project Title
Alexander Wilce Susquehanna University $6,000 Observers, Measurements and Decoherence in General Probabilistic Theories
Silke Weinfurtner The University of Nottingham $10,000 Detecting Unruh radiation?
Hendrik Ulbricht University of Southampton $2,000 The quantum and the gravity
Tommaso Tufarelli University of Nottingham $3,600 Illustrated book on the role of the observer in the interpretations of quantum mechanics
Andrew Strominger Harvard University $4,000 Conference travel funds
Glenn Starkman Case Western Reserve University $5,000 Observing the actual universe
Maximilian Schlosshauer University of Portland $2,875 Research Project: Observers in Quantum Mechanics, Bell's Inequalities, and Protective Measurements
Steven Savitt University of British Columbia $2,875 In Search of Passing Time
Lidia del Rio ETH Zurich $12,000 Q-turn: changing paradigms in science.
Subodh Patil Niels Bohr Institute $10,000 Thematic workshop on emergent symmetries
Tim Maudlin New York University $5,000 Split Entropy Summer School
Matthew Leifer Chapman University $4,600 Second Meeting of California Quantum Interpretation Network
Kevin Knuth University at Albany $5,470 Present Influence Theory and Observer-Based Quantum Mechanics as Inference
Dagomir Kaszlikowski Centre for Quantum Technologies $1,800 Reality (Un)Check
Nick Huggett University of Illinois at Chicago $1,725 The First Biennial Midwest Summer School in Philosophy of Physics
John Harding New Mexico State University $1,500 Edinburgh Workshop on Quantum Theory
Michael Hall Griffith University $3,100 Can Quantum Properties Exist Without Observers?
Sean Gryb University of Bristol $9,000 Observers in the Cosmos: the Role of Scale and Time
Shelly Goldstein Rutgers University $3,000 Entropy and the Observer
Domenico Giulini Leibniz University of Hannover $3,800 Workshop “Rethinking Foundations of Physics”
Catalina Curceanu Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, LNF-INFN $1,800 The interplay between gravity and the collapse of the wave function: research visit at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Hungary)
David Craig Le Moyne College $2,500 Consistent histories formulation of loop quantum cosmology and spin foams
Adan Cabello Universidad de Sevilla $3,000 The emergence of Born's rule: A tale of two observers observed by a third one
Peter Byrne Art & Science Laboratory $6,000 Observing Antisocial Organizations and the Emergence of Hidden Fragility: Modeling Terrorism and Counterterrorism as a Complex Adaptive Sociotechnical System
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