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Kavan Modi
Monash University

Naotsugu Tsuchiya
Monash University

Jakob Hohwy
Monash University

Project Title

Emergent agency from collective dynamics

Project Summary

In physics, “agency” refers to a freedom to make random choices. In cognitive neuroscience, it refers to autonomous systems that make decisions without any supervisory influence from other entities, including humans. In philosophy, agency refers to autonomous action, implying concepts of free will. Despite these differences across disciplines, it is possible that the concept of agency is actually the same. If so, what is the underlying core concept? This project collects a unique and interdisciplinary research team, composed of a physicist (Modi), a neuroscientist (Tsuchiya) and a philosopher (Hohwy), to jointly explore and test the concept of agency across these diverse fields, with a view to derive a unified concept. We will first devise a measure of agency, and then test it with computer simulations and actual neural data, where we already have a good idea of how an agency measure should behave. Finally, our project will provide philosophical analysis of our measure by comparing it to various concepts of agency proposed in the literature. We seek a unifying and deeper notion of agency as it applies to various fields, including the identification of artificial autonomous agents, which are becoming an integral part of society.

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