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2017-18 Agency in the Physical World
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David Wolpert
Santa Fe Institute


Artemy Kolchinsky, Santa Fe Institute

Project Title

Observers as self-maintaining non-equilibrium systems

Project Summary

The concept of an “observer” is central to many fields, including cognitive science, artificial intelligence, quantum physics and statistical physics (e.g., in the form of Maxwell’s demon). In all these fields observers are systems that acquire information about an external system. Traditionally such information has been quantified using Shannon’s measure of syntactic information. In this project we propose a measure of semantic information (i.e. information has “meaning” for the observer) that is grounded in statistical physics. In our approach, information is semantic to the extent that it is used by the observer to maintain itself over time as a coherent entity. We analyze the consequences of this measure for the physics of observation. In our approach, “being an observer” is not a simple yes / no trait. Rather, our definition of semantic information quantifies the degree to which one system observes another. This will allow us to identify the set of observers contained within any physical system, including the appearance (self-organization) and dissolution of observers, and to study how networks and hierarchies of observers relate to flows of information and energy in a larger encompassing system.

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