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2018 Agency in the Physical World
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2016 Physics of the Observer
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2015 The Physics of What Happens
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2013 Physics of Information
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2010 The Nature of Time
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2008 Foundational Questions in Physics and Cosmology
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2006 Foundational Questions in Physics and Cosmology
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Hector Zenil
Wolfram Foundation and LABORES and LABORES

Project Title

MOOC Series Programme on Physical and Computational Sciences. First Series on the Physics of Information

Project Summary

The courses are intended to be an innovative complement to university academic offerings accessible to the informed public. Each course of the first Series on the Physics of Information will be delivered sequentially during a period of weeks, at the end the series will offer students a choice among a set of interdisciplinary lectures, all of them centered on the topics of reality, physics, information and complexity. The project aims to provide an educational basis for understanding the current state of research and its possible future directions through introductory on-line courses given by members of the FQXi and the Wolfram Foundation. The courses in the first Series of this MOOC project will cover topics such as information theory, the physics of information and computation, quantum reality and complexity science.

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