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Otfried Gühne
University of Siegen

Adan Cabello
University of Seville

Jan-Åke Larsson
University of Linköping

Project Title

The nature of information in sequential quantum measurements

Project Summary

Quantum physics is known to contradict the classical world view and this contradiction becomes apparent in several phenomena. A famous quantum effect is entanglement, which means that the correlations between two or more distant particles can be stronger than in the classical world. There are, however, also quantum phenomena arising if a sequence of measurements on a single particle is made. The results of such a sequence of quantum measurements can not be explained by using classical physics only and recent experiments with ions or light particles have observed such effects. In our project we study information in sequences of quantum measurements. This includes questions as: What is the information determining the future measurement results? What is the complexity of the sequence of the measurement results? How can we describe the randomness in such a sequence? We will also investigate the historical development of research at the border between quantum and classical physics by conducting video interviews with some of the founding fathers of this field. This helps to understand the subject, since the study of information in quantum physics was one of the driving ideas behind many works in the past.

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