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John Barrow
University of Cambridge


Marianne Freiberger, Rachel Thomas

Project Title

Reading Between the Lines: Information about Information

Project Summary

This project aims to provide the public with a deeper understanding of the questions explored by fundamental research into the nature of information - for example whether information describes or constitutes reality, how it manifests in and shapes nature, and how it links in with our understanding of physics. In a series of accessible and academically rigorous articles, interviews and podcasts, to be published on the award-winning international Plus website (, the project will introduce members of the public and high school students from around the world to the research that is being done in this area and the questions that are being asked. We will also continue our partnership collaboration between the FQXi Community website ( and Plus. In addition to new articles, interviews and podcasts created specifically for this project, we will highlight and republish relevant FQXi content on Plus with the aim of both raising the profile and also driving traffic towards the FQXi Community website. Combining audience input, our substantial expertise and outstanding track record in presenting complex ideas to a nonspecialist audience, and the cutting-edge work of academic researchers, this project will report on developments in FQXi-funded areas in an exciting, engaging and innovative way.

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