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Dr. Subir Sachdev
Harvard University

Project Title

Quantum Criticality and Black Holes

Project Summary

This project explores a new connection between two seemingly disconnected fields of physics. One field studies the electrical and thermal properties of crystals of technologically important materials that are being measured in laboratories around the world. Their properties are determined by the motion of electrons in the crystal, which are controlled by the principles of quantum mechanics. Often the electrons exhibit new phases of collective behavior, and the transitions between these phases have led to especially difficult problems in quantum theory. The second field uses Einstein's theory of gravity to understand very heavy stars known as black holes. Recent developments in string theory have led to an improvement in our understanding of the quantum theory of black holes. More stunningly, these developments have shown that this quantum theory of black holes is closely connected to the theory of the quantum phase transitions of electrons in crystals. Importantly, easy questions in one field usually map to difficult questions in the other. This complementary relationship will surely lead to new insights in both fields. The history of physics is replete with examples of foundational insights discovered by paying attention to seemingly mundane experimental facts, and we hope to continue that tradition.

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