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Dr. Louis Crane
Kansas State University

Project Title

A New Approach to Quantum Gravity, with Possible Applications to the Origin & Future of Life

Project Summary

In this project, I will complete the interpretation of a model for quantum gravity I helped develop (the BC model) by finding expressions for its classical histories. This will make it possible to compute quantum effects for experiments involving gravity.

This technique will be applied to small black holes to see how their formation, radiation and interaction with matter differs from the semiclassical predictions. This information will be used to study the feasibility of using small artificial black holes as sources of energy and as propulsion methods for starships. The BC model can be extended to include singular points in the space-time, which have interesting similarities to ordinary matter. These are referred to as conical matter. Calculations using the classical states for the BC model will be used to explore the behavior of conical matter, and its interactions with black holes. A more distant goal is to explore the Evolutionary Universe hypothesis, which explains the fine-tuning of the laws of Physics for life by means of an evolution of baby universes.

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