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2018 Agency in the Physical World

The Agency in the Physical World program is part of a science strategic partnership between the Fetzer Franklin Fund of the John E. Fetzer Memorial Trust and FQXi. This partnership funds work on Agency, Intelligence, and Consciousness.

The PIs listed were selected by a grant review panel and then recommended for funding through a donor-advised fund at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Display Large Grant awardees from:

Awardee   Institution Value   Project Title
Giovanni Amelino-Camelia / Philip Hoehn University of Naples Federico II / IQOQI $51,175 Agency-dependent spacetime and spacetime-dependent agency
Paula Apsell WGBH Educational Foundation $50,000 NOVA's What the Physics?!
John Barrow University of Cambridge $50,000 The Mathematics of Agency in the Physical World
Caslav Brukner Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI) $105,289 Agents in superpositions: the covariance of physical laws in quantum reference frames
Sean Carroll California Institute of Technology $60,203 Why Agents Remember the Past and Affect the Future: The Past Hypothesis and the Emergence of Causality
Eric Cavalcanti Griffith University $50,480 Causal reasoning in quantum agents
Paul Davies Arizona State University $113,747 De Sitter Demons
Sebastian Deffner University of Maryland Baltimore County $111,282 Thermodynamics of information from driven quantum field theories
Thomas Elliott / Mile Gu Nanyang Technological University $70,668 The role of quantum effects in simplifying adaptive agents
Lucien Hardy Perimeter Institute $42,504 Operationalism, Agency, and Quantum Gravity
Patrick Hayden Stanford University $83,984 Agency, Simulation, and Counterfactual Computation
Matthew Hoban / Ana Belen Sainz Goldsmiths, University of London / Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics $87,105 The Emergence of Agents from Causal Order
Peter Love Tufts University $119,942 Quantum and classical Bayesian agents
Matilde Marcolli California Institute of Technology $10,000 FQXi Agency in the Physical World: Towards a Topological Model of Consciousness and Agency
Chiara Marletto / Vlatko Vedral Oxford University $104,934 Agent-based irreversibility in quantum theory: theory and experiment
Gerard Milburn The University of Queensland $89,774 Are Quantum agents possible?
Kavan Modi / Naotsugu Tsuchiya / Jakob Hohwy Monash University $10,000 Emergent agency from collective dynamics
Markus Mueller / Andrew Garner IQOQI $69,544 Where agents and algorithms meet: free will and computational irreducibility
Robert Phillips California Institute of Technology $120,000 Agency in Living Matter: The Physics of “Molecular Vitalism”
Dean Rickles University of Sydney $91,369 Radical Conservative: A Biography of John Archibald Wheeler
Carlo Rovelli Samy Maroun Center for Space Time and the Quantum $180,000 Agency in time-reversal symmetric microphysics
Aephraim Steinberg University of Toronto $138,000 Quantum and classical agents and their ability to clone and erase information
Susanne Still University of Hawaii at Manoa $116,853 Thermodynamics of Agency
Wojciech Zurek Theiss Research $75,000 Quantum Darwinism and Agents
TOTAL   $2,001,853

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