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FQXi's Physics of the Observer program was made possibly through support of a grant from the John Templeton Foundation. The PIs listed were selected by a grant review panel and then recommended for funding through the FQXi Fund, a donor advised fund at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

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Awardee   Institution Value   Project Title
Mischa Woods University College London $60,000 Finite dimensional Quantum Observers
David Wolpert Santa Fe Institute $128,319 Observers as self-maintaining non-equilibrium systems
Sara Imari Walker Arizona State University $73,151 Accommodating observers in fundamental physics with causal mechanics
Andrew Strominger Harvard University $45,001 Observers on the Boundary of Spacetime
Matthew Pusey / Lluis Masanes / Joel J. Wallman Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics / University College London / University of Waterloo $60,950 Observers in Foil Theories
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein University of Washington, Seattle $100,533 Epistemological Schemata of Astro|Physics: A Reconstruction of Observers
Rahul Nandkishore / Siddharth Ashok Parameswaran University of Colorado, Boulder / University of California, Irvine $66,685 Transitions to Ergodicity: Emergence of Observers in Many-Body Quantum Systems
Markus Mueller University of Western Ontario $101,574 Emergent objective reality - from observers to physics via Solomonoff induction
Samir Mathur The Ohio State University $47,606 What is an observer?
Andrew J P Garner / Mile Gu National University of Singapore / Nanyang Technological University, Singapore $50,600 Observer-dependent complexity: The quantum-classical divergence over 'what is complex?'
Ivette Fuentes / Stefano Mancini / David Edward Bruschi University of Vienna / Universiai di Camerino / University of York $84,021 Quantum Observers in a Relativistic World
Christopher Fuchs / Christopher Timpson University of Massachusetts, Boston / University of Oxford $140,959 Does Participatory Realism Make Sense? The Role of Observership in Quantum Theory
Richard Easther University of Auckland $121,463 Minimal Observers and Maximal Observations
Lidia del Rio / Renato Renner University of Bristol / ETH Zurich $60,000 Many worlds, many times: Emergent observers in non-probabilisitic theories
James Crutchfield University of California, Davis $73,203 Information Thermodynamics of the Observer
Giulio Chiribella / Adán Cabello / Matthias Kleinmann University of Hong Kong / University of Seville / University of the Basque Country $113,850 The Observer Observed: a Bayesian Route to the Reconstruction of Quantum Theory
Craig Callender University of California, San Diego $36,110 The Flow of Time, Physics, and Observation
Adam Brown Stanford University $37,500 Complexity, Black Holes, and Observers
George Andrew David Briggs University of Oxford $114,858 Bench-top experimental test of gravitation as an observer of quantum states
Raphael Bousso University of California, Berkeley $123,898 Dynamics of Observer-Dependent Holographic Screens
John Barrow University of Cambridge $99,997 Do Observers Matter? Exploring the physics of the observer
Paula Apsell WGBH $150,000 What the Physics?!
Gerardo Adesso / Tommaso Tufarelli / Marco Piani The University of Nottingham / University of Strathclyde $120,000 Sentient observers in the quantum regime and the emergence of an objective reality
TOTAL   $2,010,278

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