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2015 The Physics of What Happens

FQXi's Physics of What Happens program was made possibly through support of a grant from the Templeton World Charity Foundation. The PIs listed below have been recommended for grants via FQXi's donor advised fund for the Physics of What Happens program.

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Awardee   Institution Value   Project Title
Antonio Acín ICFO $76,296 Quantum Bayesian networks: the physics of nonlocal events
John Barrow University of Cambridge $95,954 Stuff Happens: the Physics of Events
Raphael Bousso University of California, Berkeley $142,820 Quantum Information, Quantum Gravity, and Quantifying How Much Happens
Sean Carroll Caltech $60,044 What Happens Inside the Quantum State?
Eric Cavalcanti Griffith University $94,300 Events, agents and causation in ontological models of quantum theory
Catalina Oana Curceanu Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare $85,000 "Events" as we see them: experimental test of the collapse models as a solution of the measurement-problem.
Thomas Durt / Ralph Willox / Samuel Colin Institut Fresnel - UMR 7249 / University of Tokyo / Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas $54,650 Quantum Rogue Waves as Emerging Quantum Events
Steven Giddings University of California, Santa Barbara $101,899 Observables in quantum spacetime
John Harding New Mexico State University $44,330 Events as Decompositions
Lucien Hardy / Jamie Vicary Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics / University of Oxford $148,325 Categorical Compositional Physics
Sabine Hossenfelder Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies $126,000 Spacetime Defects
Adrian Kent University of Cambridge $105,000 Quasiclassical events in Relativistic Quantum Field Theory
Matthew Leifer Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics $52,601 Quantum Theory in the Block Universe
Lorenzo Maccone / Seth Lloyd / Vittorio Giovannetti Universita' di Pavia / Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Scuola Normale Superiore $44,965 Quantum Spacetime from Events
Samir Mathur The Ohio State University $59,106 What is an event?
Miguel Navascués Bilkent University $132,480 Towards an almost quantum physical theory
Kevin Resch / Robert Spekkens University of Waterloo / Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics $99,705 Experimental test of intrinsically quantum causal relations
Carlo Rovelli CPT Marseille $90,000 Quantum events as the basis of quantum mechanics and quantum gravity
Benjamin Schumacher Kenyon College $73,425 Eidostates and physical records of events
Anthony Short University of Bristol $59,280 Emergent Relativity
Howard Wiseman / Michael Hall Griffith University $103,895 How do measurement events emerge from Many Interacting Worlds?
Wojciech Zurek Theiss Research $150,000 Events, Irreversibility, and the Objective Past of a Quantum Universe
TOTAL   $2,000,075

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