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2016 Physics of the Observer

2015 The Physics of What Happens

2013 Physics of Information

2010 The Nature of Time

2008 Foundational Questions in Physics and Cosmology

2006 Foundational Questions in Physics and Cosmology

2013 Physics of Information

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Awardee   Institution Value   Project Title
Wojciech Zurek Los Alamos National Laboratory $87,000 Physics of Information and Quantum Darwinism
Hector Zenil Wolfram Foundation and LABORES $41,531 MOOC Series Programme on Physical and Computational Sciences. First Series on the Physics of Information
Noson Yanofsky Brooklyn College $49,924 The Algorithmic Information of Categories
William Wootters Williams College $50,000 Information and the origin of complex amplitudes
David Wolpert Santa Fe Institute $50,000 A Semantic Information-Theory Model of Reality
Alexander Wilce Susquehanna University $42,400 Conjugates, Correlation and Quantum Mechanics
Mark Van Raamsdonk University of British Columbia $61,060 Gravity and Information
Sumati Surya Raman Research Institute $58,000 In Search of Covariant Quantum Information
Susanne Still / Gavin Crooks University of Hawaii at Manoa / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory $129,524 Foundations of information processing in living systems
Donald Spector Hobart and William Smith Colleges $50,000 Set Theoretic Forcing and Information Theory
Woodrow Shew University of Arkansas $106,873 Physical Constraints on Mental Information Capacity and Information Output
Keith Schwab California Institute of Technology $44,216 Mesoscopic Mechanical Resonators as Quantum Noninertial Reference Frames
Gheorghe Paraoanu Aalto University $75,097 FACE-OFF
Jonathan Oppenheim University College London $62,537 What are the laws of quantum thermodynamics?
Flavio Mercati / Tim Koslowski Perimeter Institute / University of New Brunswick $139,650 Information, Complexity and the Arrow of Time in Shape Dynamics
Donald Marolf University of California, Santa Barbara $35,100 Black hole information and firewall singularities
Olimpia Lombardi Theiss Research $120,843 The nature of information for an informational reformulation of the modal-Hamiltonian interpretation of quantum mechanics
Adrian Kent University of Cambridge $72,589 Information Theoretic Characterization of Quantum Reality
Dagomir Kaszlikowski / Pawel Kurzynski Centre for Quantum Technologies / Centre for Quantum Technologies; Adam Mickiewicz University $98,900 Operational and information theoretic meaning of contextuality
Veronika Hubeny Durham University $43,000 Measures of Holographic Information
Patrick Hayden Stanford University $126,824 Entanglement, Monogamy and Holography
Otfried Gühne / Adan Cabello / Jan-Åke Larsson University of Siegen / University of Seville / University of Linköping $162,265 The nature of information in sequential quantum measurements
Philip Goyal University at Albany (SUNY) $93,127 An Information-Theoretic Approach to Identical Particles in Quantum Theory
Steven Giddings University of California, Santa Barbara $49,762 Information-theoretic foundations for quantum spacetime and gravity
Joseph Emerson University of Waterloo $163,128 Fundamental Tests of the Structure of Quantum Information with Neutron Interferometry
Jens Eisert Free University of Berlin $50,000 Decidable and undecidable in quantum mechanics
Ian Durham / Dean Rickles Saint Anselm College / University of Sydney $59,762 Information and Interaction
Laurance Doyle SETI Institute $25,000 Is Quantum Knowability Subject to Spacetime Warping?
Giulio Chiribella Tsinghua University $48,300 The fundamental principles of information-dynamics
Caslav Brukner Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information $63,250 Quantum information without time and without causal order
Raphael Bousso University of California, Berkeley $93,865 Information in Free Fall
Jacob Biamonte ISI Foundation $86,700 inert vs. living matter: facing the ultimate challenge of aggregate matter physics
Iosif Bena Theiss Research $106,538 Black Hole Information, Microstates and Singularities
John Barrow University of Cambridge $98,843 Reading Between the Lines: Information about Information
Jonathan Barrett University of Oxford $119,888 Thermodynamic vs information theoretic entropies in probabilistic theories
Paula Apsell WGBH $147,987 The Nature of Reality
Gerardo Adesso The University of Nottingham $90,000 Quantum Informational Framework for Cybernetics
TOTAL   $3,003,483

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