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Scientific Partnership
Collaborating with the Fetzer Franklin Fund

FQXi's scientific partnership with the Fetzer Franklin Fund (FFF) of the John E. Memorial Trust started in October 2017. The initial partnership included funding for the Agency in the Physical World RFP, Mini Grants, three Essay Contests, and an international conference in 2019 to further explore agency, intelligence, and consciousness. In November 2018, the partnership was expanded to include additional funding on the topic Intelligence in the Physical World. This will include an international RFP for grants that will take place in 2019.

This collaboration was first shared on our blog with this announcement about the Agency in the Physical World program.

For more on this collaboration, please follow the links below:

We will update the following links as the program progresses.

FQXi-FFF Agency in the Physical World RFP

Initial RFP Announcement in 2017

FQXi-FFF Intelligence in the Physical World RFP
FFF-supported Essay Contests

What is ‘Fundamental' (2018)

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