FQXi Conference on Physics of Information

The days will be themed to explore the role of information in multiple interdisciplinary areas, including cosmology, consciousness, quantum gravity, and quantum technology.

Conference Schedule

January 5, 2014
7pm-9pm Welcome Reception

January 6, 2014
8am - 9am Breakfast

9am - 12pm Intro Panel: Perspectives on Information in its many forms
- Moderator: Paul Davies
- Panelists: Carlo Rovelli, Fred Adams, Giulio Tononi, Jos Uffink, Kevin Knuth, Marcelo Gleiser, Matthew Pusey, Olimpia Lombardi, Steve Giddings, Wayne Myrvold, Alex Vilenkin, Luis Garay

12pm - 1pm Lunch

1pm - 4pm Breakout Sessions

4pm - 4:20pm PM Break

4:20pm - 5pm Reports from Breakout Sessions

5pm - 7:30pm Using information physics to measure and manipulate
Panel: What’s quantum information really good for?

- Speakers: Anton Zeilinger (Skype), Gerardo Adesso, Andrew Briggs
- Moderator: William Wootters
- Panelists: Caslav Brukner, Raymond Laflamme, Andrew Briggs, Gerardo Adesso, Sorin Paraoanu

January 7, 2014
8am - 9am Breakfast

9am - 12pm Measuring and manipulating information.
Panel: What can and can't be predicted in computational/quantum/relativistic systems?

- Speakers: Raymond Laflamme, Scott Aaronson, Caslav Brukner
- Moderator: Adrian Kent
- Panelists: Scott Aaronson, Don Page, Jeremy Butterfield, James Weatherall, Steven Weinstein, Fred Adams

12pm - 1pm Lunch

1pm - 1:30pm Lightning Talks

1:30pm - 4:30pm Information and Cosmology.
Panel: What can we know and predict, and how, in a superlarge universe?

- Speakers: Sean Carroll, Alan Guth, Yasunori Nomura
- Moderator: Anthony Aguirre
- Panelists: Alan Guth, Raphael Bousso, Sean Carroll, Alex Vilenkin, Don Page, Andreas Albrecht

5:50pm - 8:40pm Pick-ups for Bioluminescent Bay tours (kayak and electric boat)

January 8, 2014
8am - 9am Breakfast

9am - 12pm Mind, Brain, and Information
Panel: What is consciousness?

- Speakers: Giulio Tononi, Christof Koch, Max Tegmark
- Moderator: Valerie Jamieson
- Panelists: Christof Koch, Giulio Tononi, Max Tegmark, Larissa Albantakis, Federico Faggin

12pm - 12:10pm Group Photo

12:15pm - 1:15pm Lunch and Reverse Debates

1:15pm - 4:30pm Group Hike

4:30pm - 5pm PM Break

5pm - 7:30pm Biological and Complex Systems
Panel: Is there free will? What can be predicted in biological, neural, and mental systems?

- Speakers: Paul Davies, Anita Goel, Susanna Still
- Moderator: George Musser
- Panelists: Anita Goel, Susanna Still, Seth Lloyd, Marcelo Gleiser, Chris Adami, Christof Koch

January 9, 2014
8am - 9am Breakfast

9am - 12pm Information in quantum gravitational systems
Panel: What happens in and near an evaporating black hole?

- Speakers: Seth Lloyd, Carlo Rovelli, Raphael Bousso
- Moderator: Anthony Aguirre
- Panelists: Raphael Bousso, Andrew Hamilton, Seth Lloyd, David Lowe

12pm - 1pm Lunch

1pm - 2pm Lightning Talks

2pm - 4:30pm Free Time

5pm - 7:00pm Science and Society
Panel: How can big-picture science thinking help society, and vice-versa?

- Moderator: Max Tegmark
- Panelists: Jaan Tallinn, Keith Woolcock, Melanie Swan, Andrew Briggs, Daniel Darg, Sarah Hreha, Curtis Widdoes, Elizabeth Koch, Robert Kuhn, George Musser, Valerie Jamieson

8pm Group Dinner

January 10, 2014
9am - 11am Closing Session
- Speakers: Ian Durham
- Panelists: tbd

Brunch will be served