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September 29, 2021

Welcome to our collection of Video Seminars. You can sort the list by clicking on the titles of those columns that appear as links, or search for videos with a given keyword by entering it into the search field below.

FQXi members may add videos to the list. Please note that we expect these videos to conform to the site's standards. The main rule is that inappropriate language (curse words, epithets, flame wars, advertisements, etc.) will not be tolerated, ever. Videos must not contain personal attacks against others, or any other material that may be deemed offensive, libellous or slanderous, in any capacity. In its sole discretion, FQXi will delete videos judged to be inappropriate immediately and without regrets. Thank you and enjoy!

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Title Speaker Topic Video Keywords Date
Views, variety and the quantum Lee Smolin Consciousness #consciousness #quantum #views Jul 21, 2021
Consciousness and the Collapse of the Wave Function David Chalmers, Kelvin McQueen Consciousness #consciousness #quantum Jun 29, 2021
Neural correlates, computational correlates, and the prospects of computational explanations of consciousness Wanja Wiese Mathematical Consciousness Science #mathematical #consciousness #science #neural #correlates Feb 25, 2021
Integrated Information, Embodied Intelligence, and (Philosophical) Zombies Nihat Ay Mathematical Consciousness Science #mathematical #consciousness #science #integrated #information #intelligence Feb 15, 2021
How does the brain generate pain? Markus Ploner Mathematical Consciousness Science #mathematical #consciousness #science #neuroscience #pain #brain Feb 10, 2021
MENS: A categorical model for Emergence and Consciousness Andrée Ehresmann Mathematical Consciousness Science #mathematical #consciousness #science #emergence #category #theory Jan 22, 2021
Neutral Monism and the Scientific Study of Consciousness William Seager Mathematical Consciousness Science #mathematical #consciousness #science #neutral #monism Dec 15, 2020
Quantum collapse models and awareness Kobi Kremnitzer Mathematical Consciousness Science #Models of consciousness #quantum collapse models #integrated information #consciousness emergents #Proto-awareness Sep 11, 2019

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