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The FQXi podcast brings you the latest ideas in foundational physics and cosmology—and includes interviews with our members and other leading scientists. It's hosted by Zeeya Merali and Brendan Foster. You can contact us at, and follow us on twitter: @FQXi. The podcast is produced by Zeeya, and music is provided by Baltimore-based Diefenbaker.

Balybin Urievich: "As for me, teaching the younger generation is one of the main tasks of..." in The Present State of...

John Cox: "Okay. In Topology, all points on a sphere are vector positions and..." in The Quantum Identity...

Vending Ways: "Vending Ways is a UAE-based leading distributor of Coin Operated Washing..." in MCQST2021 | The universe...

Steve Dufourny: "David Bohm developed a method for comcrete dialogues rather than debates..." in Global Collaboration

Steve Dufourny: "One of the problems is the difficulty to unite and convice. The majority..." in Global Collaboration

Thomas Ray: "Kobi, You write as if information accumulates like physical grains of sand..." in Mathematical Models of...

Thomas Ray: "Nicholas, Indeed. This sums up pretty much what I had in mind when I..." in Mathematical Models of...

Thomas Ray: "I think of it this way: Just as the quality "color" is known not by the..." in The Quantum Identity...

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The Math of Consciousness: Q&A with Kobi Kremnitzer
A meditating mathematician is developing a theory of conscious experience to help understand the boundary between the quantum and classical world.

Can We Feel What It’s Like to Be Quantum?
Underground experiments in the heart of the Italian mountains are testing the links between consciousness and collapse theories of quantum physics.

The Thermodynamic Limits of Intelligence: Q&A with David Wolpert
Calculating the energy needed to acquire and compute information could help explain the (in)efficiency of human brains and guide the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence.

Gambling Against the Second Law
Using precision thermometry to make mini heat engines, that might, momentarily, bust through the thermodynamic limit.

Mind and Machine: What Does It Mean to Be Sentient?
Using neural networks to test definitions of 'autonomy.'

May 20, 2022

Complete Podcast
The FQXi March 31, 2022 Podcast features:
  • Gravitational Aharanov-Bohm Effect
  • About Time
  • Choices Curve Spacetime
  • The Science of Can and Can't
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Individual Stories
Gravitational Aharanov-Bohm Effect
The eerie quantum Aharanov Bohm effect, in which a particle is influenced by a field, even when it does not directly feel a force, has been demonstrated for the first time for gravity. Physicist Mark Kasevich describes his experiment to Zeeya (extended interview).
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About Time
A new FQXi review covers the physics and neuroscience of time. Science journalist Kate Becker talks to Zeeya about quantum and relativistic conceptions of time, the arrow of time, and how our brains process temporal notions.
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Choices Curve Spacetime
Quantum gravity expert Giovanni Amelino Camelia is searching for hints that observers may be able to act on spacetime, not only by their physical properties, but also by their choices--as he explains to reporter Sophie Hebden.
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The Science of Can and Can't
Quantum physicist Chiara Marletto has written a book about her quest to re-frame physics in terms of counterfactuals. She co-hosts and talks about her work on this 'constructor theory' with Zeeya.
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