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The FQXi podcast brings you the latest ideas in foundational physics and cosmology—and includes interviews with our members and other leading scientists. It's hosted by Zeeya Merali and Brendan Foster. You can contact us at, and follow us on twitter: @FQXi. The podcast is produced by Zeeya, and music is provided by Baltimore-based Diefenbaker.

Steve Dufourny: "Joe,do you understand that the universe is finite like our series of..." in First Things First: The...

Joe Fisher: "Today’s Closer to Truth Facebook page contained this peculiar assertion: ..." in First Things First: The...

Steve Dufourny: "this second law is so important,my theory of spherisation and these quantum..." in Mass–Energy Equivalence...

Robert McEachern: "In the case of a polarized coin, the "matched filter" detector simply adds..." in Schrödinger’s Zombie:...

Steve Dufourny: "I must explain what is the real meaning of Spherisation in my theory.It is..." in Mass–Energy Equivalence...

Georgina Woodward: "Hi Robert, thank you. I now understand the difference between decisions and..." in Schrödinger’s Zombie:...

Steve Dufourny: "lol no indeed it is not a lot,like I said I liked your general ideas.I have..." in The Demon in the Machine...

Steve Agnew: "There are three that a lot? The aether particle mass, the..." in The Demon in the Machine...

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First Things First: The Physics of Causality
Why do we remember the past and not the future? Untangling the connections between cause and effect, choice, and entropy.

Can Time Be Saved From Physics?
Philosophers, physicists and neuroscientists discuss how our sense of time’s flow might arise through our interactions with external stimuli—despite suggestions from Einstein's relativity that our perception of the passage of time is an illusion.

A devilish new framework of thermodynamics that focuses on how we observe information could help illuminate our understanding of probability and rewrite quantum theory.

Gravity's Residue
An unusual approach to unifying the laws of physics could solve Hawking's black-hole information paradox—and its predicted gravitational "memory effect" could be picked up by LIGO.

Could Mind Forge the Universe?
Objective reality, and the laws of physics themselves, emerge from our observations, according to a new framework that turns what we think of as fundamental on its head.

October 15, 2019

Complete Podcast
The FQXi August 31, 2015 Podcast features:
  • Hawking Claims to Solve Black Hole Paradox & Spookiness Confirmed in a Loophole-free Test
  • Einstein Causes Quantum Collapse?
  • Saving the World in 5 Simple Steps
  • Quantum Thermodynamics
  • The Physics Filmmaker
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Featured video in this podcast:
Individual Stories
Hawking Claims to Solve Black Hole Paradox & Spookiness Confirmed in a Loophole-free Test
Zeeya Merali & Brendan Foster round up the top physics news of August: Stephen Hawking works out how to escape from a black hole, & quantum spookiness is confirmed in the toughest experiment yet. Featuring quantum physicist Matt Leifer.
INFO: MP3 file / 9 minutes / 9 MB
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Einstein Causes Quantum Collapse?
Quantum physicist Igor Pikovski talks about the possibility that the relativistic effect of time dilation destroys quantum states, causing the transition from the quantum to the classical world -- along with tests that could prove it -- with reporter Carinne Piekema.
INFO: MP3 file / 14 minutes / 13 MB
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Saving the World in 5 Simple Steps
Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder describes her plan to rescue human civilization, through gamification of choice-making, to Brendan Foster.
INFO: MP3 file / 10 minutes / 10 MB
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Quantum Thermodynamics
Quantum physicist Jonathan Oppenheim talks about a unifying framework of physics that would anticipate the next big technological revolution, with Colin Stuart.
INFO: MP3 file / 10 minutes / 10 MB
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The Physics Filmmaker
Dagomir Kaszlikowski describes his quest to bring quantum theory to the public through fiction in movies to Brendan Foster.
INFO: MP3 file / 10 minutes / 10 MB
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I agree that the nature will take always the road if we cannot solve or if we disappear, but we have the possibility to solve.

Hawking genious is solving problems about black holes that do not exist.

see fle attachrd

What a great thread! I'm just looking at it and am glad to see so many friends (in spite of differing views) from previous contests. In particular Christian Corda congratulations and a big hurrah! And Lorraine Ford I like your physics and political courage in support of senseable science (IMHO). And Akinbo thanks for your previous support and level headedness. And hello to everyone else.

And Pentcho if I were coach of a football team I would want you on my line, I have not seen anyone...

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