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The FQXi podcast brings you the latest ideas in foundational physics and cosmology—and includes interviews with our members and other leading scientists. It's hosted by Zeeya Merali and Brendan Foster. You can contact us at, and follow us on twitter: @FQXi. The podcast is produced by Zeeya, and music is provided by Baltimore-based Diefenbaker.

Lorraine Ford: "Tom, don’t ask a question: you need to go to the trouble of making a..." in The Present State of...

Lorraine Ford: "(cont.) The equations that represent the laws of nature do not represent..." in The Present State of...

Steve Dufourny: "Hi , I have tried to understand the actual global reality and its..." in Global Collaboration

Jim Snowdon: "Hi Amrit, You can find my views expressed under the article, "The..." in The Nature of Time

Jim Snowdon: "Our conscious minds experience duration elapsing as time passing. We use..." in The Nature of Time

Jim Snowdon: "If our planet did not rotate, we would have a sunny side and a dark side of..." in The Quantum Clock-Maker...

Jim Snowdon: "In Alice Springs it`s 1530 kilometers per hour." in The Quantum Clock-Maker...

Volodymyr Druzhshchienshkyj: "Hello Everyone: The more fundamental question is being part of any system,..." in Is Causality Fundamental?

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Good Vibrations
Microbead 'motor' exploits natural fluctuations for power.

Reconstructing Physics
New photon experiment gives new meta-framework, 'constructor theory,' a boost.

The Quantum Engineer: Q&A with Alexia Auffèves
Experiments seek to use quantum observations as fuel to power mini motors.

The Quantum Clock-Maker Investigating COVID-19, Causality, and the Trouble with AI
Sally Shrapnel, a quantum physicist and medical practitioner, on her experiments into cause-and-effect that could help us understand time’s arrow—and build better healthcare algorithms.

Connect the Quantum Dots for a New Kind of Fuel
'Artificial atoms' allow physicists to manipulate individual electrons—and could help to reduce energy wastage in electronic devices.

November 28, 2021

Complete Podcast
The FQXi April 22, 2013 Podcast features:
  • Astro Results, Cosmic Conclusions
  • Dark Energy Discovery
  • DNA Computing
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Individual Stories
Astro Results, Cosmic Conclusions
Astrophysicist Katie Mack talks through recent results from the Planck satellite and the International Space Station's Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer.
INFO: MP3 file / 20 minutes / 20 MB
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Dark Energy Discovery
2011 Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt looks back on his role in the game-changing discovery that the expansion of the universe is speeding up. (Extended interview.)
INFO: MP3 file / 28 minutes / 27 MB
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DNA Computing
Synthetic biologists Timothy Lu and Piro Siuti design circuits that integrate memory and logic in living cells.
INFO: MP3 file / 15 minutes / 14 MB
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Recent Comments

Many thanks to you, Zeeya - and for your email, Jonathan.

I had a look at what I'd written, and I should have said a bit more about a sentence in the first paragraph - "Cosmic expansion is accelerating because of the increased production of space-time by binary digits, Mobius loops and figure-8 Klein bottles ..."

How the Law of Conservation works

The binary digits of 1 and 0 in Mobius loops and Figure-8 Klein bottles (I like to consider these things parts in what I call...

Thanks to Rodney Bartlett for his feedback (over on another thread) on my recent Discover article about dark energy. (It was while interviewing Brian Schmidt that I made the recording that's used in this podcast.)

I'm cutting and pasting Rodney's comments here because they fit the topic of the podcast:

From Rodney Bartlett:

Reply to "Confronting the Dark" by Zeeya Merali (Discover magazine - May 2013)

...There’s an interesting sentence on p.46 of that article -...

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