December 1, 2022

Quantum Properties of Spacetime
May 29, 2020
FQXi's Francesca Vidotto talks in-depth to JSTOR Daily about feminist epistemology, white holes, string theory, and her book (with Carlo Rovelli) on loop quantum gravity.

Gravity Winners
May 29, 2020
The winners of the Gravity Research Foundation essay contest have been announced. Congrats to our members who have won prizes: Eduardo Guendelman (for "Lorentzian Quintessential Inflation" with David Benisty), Craig Hogan (for "Cosmological Constant in Coherent Quantum Gravity"), Thanu Padmanabhan (for "Principle of Equivalence at Planck Scales and the Zero-Point-Length of Spacetime"), and Maulik Parikh & Frank Wilczek (first prize for "The Noise of Gravitons" with George Zhariade).

Mar 23, 2020
FQXi is proud to support INSPYRE 2020, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the…Universe’”, which is dedicated to the hottest topics from particle physics to cosmology. This year lectures (in English) are online from 30th March to 3rd April. Open to all, especially students & teachers! The course is organised by FQXi's Catalina Oana Curceanu, senior researcher at the National Laboratory of Frascati (LNF), and you can read more here.

George Lemaître Prize
Jun 21, 2019
FQXi's George Ellis of the University of Cape Town has received the George Lemaître Award from UCLouvain for contributions to the development and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, geophysics or space research. Congratulations!

APS Innovator
May 11, 2019
Congrats to FQXi's Catalina Oana Curceanu, senior researcher at the National Laboratory of Frascati (LNF), who has received a Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Fundamental Physics Innovation Award from the American Physical Society. More about the winners here.

Physics-Art Flipbook
Feb 4, 2019
Quantum physicist Paul Knott and artist Joseph Namara Hollis have teamed up to create a charming illustrated book for the public investigating Our Quantum Reality, which you can read for free. Learn more about the FQXi-funded outreach project on the blog.

Einstein Prize
Oct 23, 2018
FQXi’s Abhay Ashtekar has been awarded the American Physical Society’s 2018 Einstein Prize, for outstanding achievements in the field of gravitational physics. Congratulations!

Front Page News
Oct 19, 2018
How does objectivity arise from the quantum world? The FQXi-funded answer, provided by Paul A. Knott, Tommaso Tufarelli, Marco Piani, and Gerardo Adesso has made the cover of Physical Review Letters.

Knight of the Realm
Oct 16, 2018
Huge congratulations to FQXi’s Catalina Curceanu, who has been awarded the 'Order of Cultural Merit' of the rank of knight, by the president of Romania. The honor is given for her significant contribution to the exact sciences.

Creating Spacetime from Quantum Collapse!
Aug 31, 2018
Tejinder Singh has an exciting new paper coming out that relates the emergence of space and time to quantum measurement and the GRW collapse model. The paper, which was supported by an FQXi mini-grant, will appear as a Rapid Communication in the German journal Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung.

Star Astronomer!
Jul 12, 2018
The 2018 Fred Hoyle Medal and Prize has been awarded to FQXi member, and grant winner, Hiranya Peiris. The prize was awarded for her leading contributions to understanding the origin and evolution of cosmic structure. Congratulations!

What Makes Time Special?
Jul 12, 2018
FQXi member, and grant winner, Craig Callender has been named as one of the winners of the 2018 Lakatos Award, for his book What Makes Time Special?. The award is given for outstanding contributions to the philosophy of science. Congratulations!

Wandering Towards...a New Essay Compilation
Jun 29, 2018
We're happy to announce that the latest compilation of essays, from 2016-17's "Wandering Towards a Goal" essay contest is now available to buy. The volume contains expanded and updated versions of the winning entries to the contest, which you can still read and discuss on our site.

Jian-Wei Pan makes TIME's Top 100!
Apr 25, 2018
Congratulations to FQXi's Jian-Wei Pan, quantum physicist at the University of Science and Technology of China, who has been listed by TIME magazine as one of the most influential people of 2018. Listen to his interview with the FQXi podcast about quantum technologies and establishing a quantum Internet.

Catalina Curceanu Awarded Emmy Noether Prize
Jun 25, 2017
FQXi's Catalina Oana Curceanu, senior researcher at the National Laboratory of Frascati (LNF) has won the prestigious Emmy Noether Distinction for Women in Physics 2017, established by the European Physical Society. There's more about her honor here. Congratulations!

DIY Cosmos Creation in North Cyprus
May 30, 2017
FQXi's Eduardo Guendelman will be the keynote speaker at the Eastern Mediterranean University's Physics Days 2017. He'll be speaking about ways to make a baby universe in the lab at the event, which runs from June 29-30.

The Quest to Create New Universes
Feb 14, 2017
Could humans make a baby universe in the lab? To find out Zeeya Merali interviewed FQXi's Abhay Ashtekar, Alan Guth, Andrei Linde, Alex Vilenkin, Eduardo Guendelman, Joe Polchinski, Don Page, Seth Lloyd and more for her book A Big Bang in a Little Room. Read physicist Ian Durham's review.

A Plea to Let Researchers Try New Paths
Nov 6, 2016
In an opinion piece in Nature, FQXi's Gerardo Adesso and colleagues argue that to pursue the most important research, scientists must be allowed to shift their focus. Read more about Adesso's work on Quantum Cybernetics here.

Quantum Brains?!?
Nov 4, 2016
Watch Matthew Fisher's talk at our 2016 meeting in Banff, and read more about his ideas on quantum consciousness in Quanta Magazine.

Looking to the Future
May 26, 2016
To understand quantum phenomena, we may need to think about time in a different way, according to FQXi members Ken Wharton and Huw Price. They make their case in the latest issue of Nautilus.

Music of the Universe
Apr 27, 2016
Physicist, saxophonist and FQXi member Stephon Alexander muses on the secret link between music and the structure of the universe in his new book The Jazz of Physics.

Poetic Contemplation of Physics
Mar 13, 2016
FQXi's Carlo Rovelli speaks to The Wall Street Journal about his bestselling book, Seven Brief Lessons in Physics.

Re-Conceptualizing the Origin of Life
Jul 20, 2015
FQXi member Sara Imari Walker is organising a conference on Nov. 9-13th, 2015 at Carnegie Institution of Washington, Washington D.C. Physics and chemistry have arrived at a deep understanding of the non-living world. The meeting will discuss whether we can expect to reach similar insights, integrating concepts and quantitative explanation, in biology? For details on participation, visit our upcoming conferences page.

Public Lecture Clarifying Misconceptions
Jun 17, 2015
There will be an FQXi-supported event in the SF Bay area on July 9 covering "Misconceptions about Quantum Physics, Multiverse Cosmology, Particles Physics, and Space-Time."

Firewalls in Sci Am and FQXi Podcast
Mar 17, 2015
Firewalls on the cover of April's Scientific American. Just in time for our coverage on the March edition of the FQXi Podcast.

Trick or Truth? 2015 Essay Contest
Dec 16, 2014
FQXi launches the next Essay Contest, on the mysterious link between physics and math. Enter by March 4. Good luck and writing!

"Show Me the Physics!" Video Contest Winners
Dec 4, 2014
FQXi announces winners to "Show Me the Physics" Video Contest. Watch the announcement and Q&A with top winners here.

Steer the Future Essay Contest Results!
Aug 21, 2014
Watch Q&A with the winners and FQXi. Read the full list of winners here.

Contest Deadline Extended!
Aug 9, 2014
Thanks to last-minute interest, FQXi will extend the deadline of our Video Contest, by two weeks, to Friday 22 August.

Show Us the Physics!
May 13, 2014
FQXi launches new Video Contest. Show us why physics is fun!

Chasing Universes
Jan 2, 2014
Nature reviews the new book "Our Mathematical Universe" by FQXi guru Max Tegmark.

Year in Physics Review: 2013
Dec 31, 2013
In FQXi's December podcast trilogy Ian Durham counts down the biggest physics advances of 2013. Plus Sara Seager talks about exoplanets and her MacArthur genius grant, Tejinder Virdee describes taking the LHC to Africa, and Abraham Loeb and Dean Astumian debate whether ancient aliens might have existed when the universe was just 15 million years old.

It or Bit?
Oct 31, 2013
Results are in! Winners of our 2013 Essay Contest, It From Bit, or Bit From It, now announced.

Bye Bye Big Bang?
Oct 8, 2013
FQXi's October podcast is now online. Featuring new cosmological models, dark energy surveys, quantum space tests, and more.

Philosophy of Cosmology
Jun 25, 2013
There's an FQXi-tastic meeting now on at UCSC. Videos featuring our members, including Anthony Aguirre, Sean Carroll, Fred Adams, Craig Callender, David Albert and more, going up each day .

Time Reborn and Messed With
Jun 12, 2013
FQXi's June podcast explains how to hide data in holes in time, how to core black holes with FQXi's Jorge Pullin and how to entangle photons that don't co-exist. Plus there's an interview with FQXi's Lee Smolin on his new book, Time Reborn.

Cosmic Conclusions and Essay Contest Tips
Apr 26, 2013
Listen to FQXi's April podcast for insights on dark matter news, DNA computing, and other physics talk--as well as tips and info on our 2013 essay contest.

Responsibility to the Next Generation
Feb 5, 2013
FQXi's Stephon Alexander's essay in the New York Times discusses the importance for minority physicists to inspire and encourage new minority students.

Guard Against Existential Risk
Feb 1, 2013
FQXi's Huw Price, Martin Rees, and Jaan Tallinn are setting up a Centre for the Study of Existential Risk. In this New York Times article, Price describes its cab-ride origins, during FQXi's Setting Time Aright meeting in Copenhagen.

God, Birds and Ambiguous Laws of Physics
Jan 26, 2013
In our first podcast of 2013, Sean Carroll discusses whether God is a good theory, and if God would choose a multiverse. Plus, do birds exploit quantum mechanics? And Andreas Albrecht asks if the laws physics are affected by our choice of clock.

Year in Review
Dec 20, 2012
Listen to the physics year in review with Ian Durham in our December podcast.

$3 Million in Grants on Physics of Information
Nov 30, 2012
Initial application round for FQXi's new Physics of Information grant program is now closed. Applicants will be notified in March of their status. Click here for the timeline.

2012 Essay Winners Announced
Nov 30, 2012
"Questioning the Foundations" winners announced, with first prize to PI's Rob Spekkens. Full list of winners here.

November Podcast!
Nov 29, 2012
In the latest edition: quantum limits, illusions of time, and unraveling paradoxes with Jim Al-Khalili

October Podcast now up!
Oct 15, 2012
Tune in to hear about experiments questioning Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. FQXi members Alex Maloney and Robert Brandenberger also talk about the holographic universe, we discuss the Physics of Information grant round, and physics and art collide at the Jiggling Atoms exhibition.

Essay Contest Finalists Chosen
Oct 10, 2012
The 36 finalists for the 2012 Essay Contest are now decided. Read and discuss the entries here. Next step: winners chosen by Review Panel.

September Podcast Now Live!
Sep 11, 2012
Tune in for more on many worlds, quantum "discord", faster-than-light cosmology, and when Heisenberg mocked the Higgs.

Thank You Mr Milner!
Jul 31, 2012
The inaugural Fundamental Physics Prize has been awarded to FQXi members Alan Guth and Andrei Linde, and to seven others. Congratulations all round!

Podcast Update!
Jul 1, 2012
Listen to Hiranya Peiris and Stephen Feeney talk WMAP, knots in space, and the Higgs, Geoffrey West discuss complexity theory and the end of (socioeconomic) time, and Ken Olum on the materials needed for time travel.

Space: Not-so Knotty
Jun 13, 2012
FQXi member Hiranya Peiris' study, revealing bad news for cosmic textures, is featured on the BBC news website.

Many Words About Everett
Jun 5, 2012
Everett's own collected works, with commentary, now out from Jeff Barrett and FQXi Member Peter Byrne.

New Podcast Edition Up!
May 31, 2012
Featuring FQXi members Alex Vilenkin, Bob Coecke, Joe Polchinski and Frank Wilczek. Plus Luca Turin and essay contest tips. Enjoy.

4th FQXi Essay Contest
May 30, 2012
In case you missed the news, this year's FQXi essay contest "Questioning the Foundations: Which of Our Basic Physical Assumptions Are Wrong?" is open for entries.

Professorial Perils
May 22, 2012
FQXi member Ian Durham blogs for The Huffington Post about the trials and tribulations of an academic career.

Quantum Space Race
May 21, 2012
Congrats to FQXi's Anton Zeilinger and team for setting a new distance record, 150km, for quantum teleportation of photons. MIT's Tech Review outlines the rivalry between various teams to be the first to teleport to a satellite. Good luck to all sides!

The Sound of Physicists
May 1, 2012
Check out the FQXi podcast to hear about the latest physics and cosmology research in the scientists' own words.

Book on Bell
Apr 11, 2012
Congratulations to Joy Christian, who has published a new book Disproof of Bell's Theorem: Illuminating the Illusion of Entanglement, with the help of an FQXi mini-grant. To discuss its controversial content, visit our blog.

Fuss about Nothing?
Apr 6, 2012
FQXi's David Albert discusses quantumness and religion in his New York Times review of Lawrence Krauss' new book, A Universe From Nothing.

Overturning Einstein
Apr 6, 2012
Julian Barbour explains how Einstein missed out on creating a truly relativistic theory in Discover Magazine, and possibly finding a theory of quantum gravity.

Still Time...
Apr 6, 2012 catch the BBC Discovery special on the Nature of Time, featuring Max Tegmark, Sean Carroll, Bernard Carr, George Ellis and Fred Adams.

Speaking of Time
Feb 9, 2012
Catch more talks from Setting Time Aright, FQXi's conference on the Nature of Time. Don't miss panel debates and a summary of Everything from Fred Adams.

Jan 5, 2012
HuffPost Science launches today with a post by FQXi's fearless (co-)leader, Max Tegmark, talking about the Big Snap. Great taste! Here's Tegmark's video talk on the topic.

Dec 12, 2011
FQXi is proud to support the 7th International Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology, 14 - 19 December, Goa, India; organized by the ICTS at the Tata Institute in Mumbai.

FQXi Makes it into Forbes...
Oct 6, 2011
(...but not the rich list!). FQXi's Stephon Alexander's musings on faster-than-light neutrinos are quoted in Forbes. For his full thoughts, check out his blog post and read about his FQXi-funded research on neutrinos and the universe.

SciAm Observations on Setting Time Aright
Oct 1, 2011
Those who missed out on the Setting Time Aright meeting should read George Musser's posts, Time on the Brain, How Life Arose, Free Will and Quantum Clones, and What the World Looks Like if You Move Backwards in Time over at Scientific American.

Setting Time Aright
Sep 25, 2011
Watch talks from FQXi's 2011 conference on the nature of time.

A Symposium on Time
Aug 15, 2011
A day-long meeting on Time will be hosted by the IAS at the University of Warwick, 24 August, 2011. Open to researchers and the public. Speakers include FQXi's Julian Barbour and Harvey Brown.

Hints of the Multiverse
Aug 3, 2011
Hiranya Peiris and Matt Johnson's FQXi-funded quest for evidence of the multiverse is featured on the BBC. Read more about their tests in our new article and in Matt Johnson's post from a few months back.

Multiverse: Fact or Fiction?
Jul 28, 2011
FQXi's George Ellis assesses the evidence for various kinds of multiverse in Scientific American.

And the Winner is...
Jun 24, 2011
Video footage of the essay contest prize-giving ceremony, earlier this month in New York, is now up.

The Birds and the Qubits
Jun 20, 2011
The dawn of quantum biology, with FQXi's Seth Lloyd features in Nature.

The Power of Discord
Jun 3, 2011
FQXi-member Wojciech Zurek chats to Nature about an unconventional quantum-computing scheme.

Cancer Physics
Jun 2, 2011
FQXi's Paul Davies is profiled Nature about cosmology and the physics of cancer. Read more about his FQX-funded research on The Destiny of the Universe.

Many Worlds = Multiverse?
Jun 1, 2011
Raphael Bousso's FQXi-funded research on a Multiverse Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics features in New Scientist. Read more about Bousso's work on the Patchwork Multiverse.

Million Dollar Man
Apr 6, 2011
Congratulations to FQXi's Martin Rees, who has been awarded the 2011 Templeton Prize, worth $1.6 million. Read the transcript of his acceptance speech here.

Closing Loopholes
Apr 6, 2011
Paul Kwiat's FQXi-funded research is featured in Science and on the cover of New Scientist, along with work by FQXi member Anton Zeilinger. Read more about Kwiat's Quest in our article from 2007.

Courage on Mars
Feb 21, 2011
Daniel Bedingham, our "Most Courageous Postdoc" prize winner, talks about the luxury items he'd take on a space expedition, in this Imperial College podcast.

A Book of Universes
Feb 21, 2011
The UK edition of The Book of Universes by FQXi member John Barrow is on sale now. The US edition will be out in March.

Faith in FQXi?
Feb 17, 2011
Anthony Aguirre, FQXi's director, talks about setting up the institute in this Nature article discussing the Templeton Foundation.

May Workshop
Jan 31, 2011
The 5th Asia-Pacific workshop on Quantum Information Science will take place in Singapore, in May. More information is available in the FQXi meetings forum.

Fortune Favors the Brave Physicist
Jan 28, 2011
This year's "Most Courageous Postdoc Prize" goes to Daniel Bedingham. Check out our Q&A with him.

Quantum Possibilities
Jan 24, 2011
For those with quantum leanings, new postdoc and PhD openings in the UK and the Netherlands are being advertised in the FQXi job vacancies forum.

Time and Foundations Grant Winners
Jan 18, 2011
We are happy to announce the winners of our latest Large Grants competition. See the full list here.

Entanglement and Beyond
Jan 4, 2011
Call for papers for special issue of the International Journal of Quantum Information, Quantum Correlations: Entanglement and Beyond. More info can be found in the announcements forum.

A Polish-ed Report
Dec 19, 2010
The FQXi essay contest is featured in Polityka, Poland's leading opinion magazine.

Cosmic Collisions
Dec 14, 2010
FQXi's Alan Guth and Alex Vilenkin assess evidence that our cosmos collided with other universes in the multiverse in Science. For more, read our article here.

Announcing... Announcements!
Dec 12, 2010
Check out the FQXi announcements forum for some updated information about quantum conferences and meetings.

Talking Quantum
Dec 11, 2010
Bob Coecke's FQXi-funded research on quantum foundations and natural language processing is featured in New Scientist.

That Surfing Physicist Again!
Nov 29, 2010
Garrett Lisi writes about his FQXi-funded research, with James Owen Weatherall, in Scientific American. You can even buy your own E8 T-Shirt.

Quantum Time Travel
Nov 27, 2010
FQXi's Seth Lloyd tries to get round the grandfather paradox in New Scientist. Travel back in time to August to read Florin Moldoveanu's take on the topic.

Reality: Digital or Analog? You Decide!
Nov 1, 2010
The third FQXi essay contest has opened. More on the choice of topic on our blog and on Scientific American's site. Deadline Feb 15 2011.

Strange Metal, Stranger Theory
Oct 19, 2010
String theory could explain the behavior of "strange metals" via black holes, according to FQXi's Subir Sachdev in Nature. Hooray! We knew string theory was useful! More on Sachdev's work here.

FQXi Goes to Washington!
Oct 16, 2010
Congrats to FQXi's Yakir Aharonov, who has been awarded the National Medal of Science, which will be presented to him by President Obama. For more on his ideas, check out these articles on our site and in Discover magazine.

Before the Big Bang
Oct 15, 2010
FQXi’s Andrei Linde, Laura Mersini-Houghton and Lee Smolin talk multiverses on the BBC's Horizon. Those in the UK can watch here. You can also read more about their ideas on our site.

FQXi Makes Top 100!
Oct 11, 2010
The Times' list of the top 100 UK scientists includes FQXi's Martin Rees and Paul Davies. Yay!

The End of Time?
Oct 5, 2010
FQXi’s Guth, Bousso and Olum talk to New Scientist about some of the strange implications of the multiverse.

Most Courageous Postdoc Prize
Sep 9, 2010
Know a postdoc with an extraordinary passion for unraveling the secrets of the universe? Then nominate her or him for an FQXi special prize. Deadline September 30 2010, so hurry!

Surfing on E8
Sep 7, 2010
FQXi’s Garrett Lisi and Tevian Dray talk E8 and octonions in Scientific American. Read more about some of their work here.

Back From the Future
Sep 6, 2010
Fun at FQXi’s 2009 Azores conference is relived in Discover magazine with large-grant winner Paul Davies. Read more about his work on whether the universe has a destiny in our article.

Quantum Doppelgangers
Aug 31, 2010
Our inimitable directors, Anthony Aguirre and Max Tegmark, tell New Scientist that in the multiverse they are, in fact, “imitable” –– explaining quantum probabilities.

Digital Universe
Aug 31, 2010
Gaurav Khanna used his FQXi grant to tackle quantum gravity using Playstation gaming consoles. Listen to him chatting to the BBC's Digital Planet.

Not weird enough?
Aug 24, 2010
Caslav Brukner's FQXi-funded research on why quantum mechanics isn't as weird as it could be makes the cover of New Scientist. Read more about his attempts to find a theory beyond quantum mechanics here.

Quantum Darwinism in a Dot
Jul 8, 2010
Wojciech Zurek's FQXi-funded research appears in Science Daily. Read more about Zurek’s theory of Quantum Darwinism and experiments to test it.

Many Worlds, Many Reviews
Jun 24, 2010
Peter Byrne used his FQXi grant to write a biography of Hugh Everett III, which is now garnering great reviews in Nature and New Scientist. Read more about Byrne’s book and the troubled life of the man behind parallel worlds in our article here.

T+F Grants Now Closed
Jun 15, 2010
Deadline for Large Grant Initial Proposals has passed. Invitations for Full Proposals in August.

The Unreality of Time?
May 20, 2010
In June’s Scientific American, FQXi’s Craig Callender ponders whether time is an illusion. It may well be, but FQXi’s Large Grant round on the Nature of Time is real (more here).

Time and Foundations
Apr 5, 2010
FQXi 2010 Large Grant round has now begun! We invite proposals for research on the Nature of Time and other foundational questions. Click here for more info.

Quantum v. Reality
Mar 26, 2010
JTF offers grants for studies of "Quantum Physics and the Nature of Reality". Deadline: April 15. (Too late!)

Bono Fide Physics
Jan 4, 2010
FQXi’s Anton Zeilinger gets picked out by Bono (yes, Bono) as one to watch for the next decade, in the New York Times.

To Job Vacancies and Beyond
Dec 17, 2009
The Beyond Center at Arizona State University, led by FQXi’s Paul Davies, Director, and Dr. Lawrence Krauss, Associate Director, seeks applications for a tenure-track assistant or associate professor. Full details are available in our job vacancies forum.

Dark Power
Nov 30, 2009
FQXi grant winner Louis Crane’s research on using black holes and dark matter to power starships has been featured in The Telegraph and New Scientist. Now they just have to build one...

Trumpet Blowing
Nov 25, 2009
FQXi has made the list of 50 best physics blogs. Yay! Check out the list for 49 other great sites, including blogs by FQXi members Scott Aaronson and Sean Carroll.

Invitation to Greece
Nov 10, 2009
FQXi members are invited to the Second Big Challenge Symposium on Gravitation, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, 19-25/09/2010, Island of Rhodes, Greece. More details can be found in the meetings forum.

FQXi Celebrated
Nov 10, 2009
The Daily Telegraph explains why the world needs more big thinkers like FQXi's Garrett Lisi. FQXi is happy to oblige.

Azores Conference Talks
Jul 29, 2009
Talks from FQXi's 2nd International Conference are now available online.

Face Off!
Jul 22, 2009
Photos from FQXi's 2nd International Conference are now on facebook. Enjoy.

Tweet Tweet!
Jul 1, 2009
You can now follow FQXi’s updates on twitter. Condensing foundational physics into 140 characters or less.

Happy 20th Anniversary Tufts Cosmology!
Jun 29, 2009
FQXi grant winners Alex Vilenkin and Ken Olum are organizing a conference in Talloires, France, from 2 Sep to 5 Sep 2009, to celebrate 20 years of the Tufts Institute of Cosmology. More info is available in the FQXi conference forum thread.

Probing Quantum...
Jun 19, 2009
FQXi large grant winner Keith Schwab and his colleagues have demonstrated how to read-out quantum interference information from superconducting qubits. Their work appears in this week’s Nature. You can read about Schwab’s earlier work here.

...and Challenging Quantum
Jun 19, 2009
An article in this week’s Science covers the work of FQXi large grant winner Antony Valentini investigating whether our standard interpretation of quantum mechanics is wrong. You can read more about his ideas here.

Who is an Astronomer? She is.
Apr 22, 2009
The (somewhat awkwardly titled) "She is an Astronomer" project has just been launched to mark the International Year of Astronomy. Approximately one quarter of all professionals in astronomy are women, with numbers dropping towards more senior levels. To help investigate why numbers are so low, read profiles of female astronomers, and learn about upcoming events and funding and training opportunities for female scientists, visit the project's site.

FQXi is Hiring!
Apr 15, 2009
FQXi is hiring a half-time Scientific Program Manager. If you're interested or know someone who might be, click here to view the job description.

Essay contest winners announced!
Mar 9, 2009
After a long and interesting process, the jury panel is done, and the winners decided. Winners and discussion can be found on the blog page. Congratulations to the winners, and many thanks to all participants!

Essay Contest Voting Extended!
Dec 8, 2008
Due to the large volume of essays, we are extending the restricted and public voting deadline to January 1, 2009. A running total of restricted votes for each essay will be displayed until December 24, 2008. Vote for your favorite essays today!

Essay Contest Closed - Vote for your favorites now!
Dec 2, 2008
The Essay Contest is now closed to submissions. However, voting will continue until December 15. Vote for your favorite essays on the nature of time, whether you are casting a restricted (essay author or FQXi Member) or public vote.

Interact Quantum-Style
Oct 24, 2008
The Third International Quantum Interaction Symposium (QI-2009) will be on March 25 - 27, 2009, at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Saarbruecken. For more details visit FQXi’s Upcoming Conferences forum.

Voting (on) time!
Sep 8, 2008
Check out the latest entries in our essay contest on the nature of time and vote for your favorites now. You can vote for multiple essays – but you may only vote for each essay once.

Job vacancies at ASU
Sep 5, 2008
Arizona State University is calling for applications for faculty and post-doctoral positions in a major new initiative in cosmology and particle astrophysics, led by FQXi’s Paul Davies, Lawrence Krauss, and Rogier Windhorst. Check out the job vacancy forum for more about the positions and for information on how to apply.

LHC Countdown Begins
Aug 7, 2008
CERN has announced that the LHC will start up on 10 September 2008. (Or will it?) The event will be webcast live for those not lucky enough to be there.

Essay Contest Launched
Aug 5, 2008
FQXi is pleased to launch its first essay contest, offering $50K in prizes for essays on "The Nature of Time". To see rules and enter, go here. Also, once some essays are submitted there will be online discussion and voting on them - stay tuned!

2008 Large Grants Announced
Aug 4, 2008
FQXI congratulates the successful grantees in its 2008 round of large grants! Over $2.5m was awarded to 30 research groups around the world; for the results, see here.

Happy Birthday NASA!
Jul 29, 2008
On this day in 1958, President Dwight Eisenhower signed into law legislation creating the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. As NASA turns 50, The Economist asks if it can recapture the glory of its youth.

Our not-so special universe
Jul 29, 2008
FQXi member Fred Adams' JCAP paper suggesting that stars could form in universes with different physical parameters than our own, has been highlighted by Nature News.

Evo Devo Universe: Calling all physicists!
Jul 16, 2008
The first international Evo Devo Universe (EDU) conference will take place in Paris, France on 8-9 October, 2008. The EDU community shares many research interests with the FQXi community, and the conference will explore how theoretical physics might be extended by insights from evolutionary developmental biology. The first deadline for abstract submission is July 30th.

Happy independence day!
Jul 4, 2008
Happy 4th to our U.S. readers. To others, don't feel bad - independence is great, but collaboration is also fun: see this week's article on the work by John Barrett and Louis Crane

A Different End?
Jun 13, 2008
FQXi Members Fred Adams and Greg Laughlin, the collaborative team at the heart of this week's article, will have to account for dark energy, as discussed in this New York Times article, in the next version of their book, The Five Ages of the Universe.

Happy Birthday FQXi Community Page!
May 30, 2008
One year ago, FQXi launched this Community website to share our excitement about physics and cos- mology with you! In that year, we have been astonished by the terr- ific reaction we have received, and so with your support, today we begin our second year with great new articles on Collaborations.

The first article, by sci- ence writer and blogger Kate Becker, smashes the myth of the "lone genius" and shows us that a hallmark of modern science is the collaboration. True, Fotini Markopoulou was recently named by Discover as a potent- ial new Einstein, but her collaborations have been pretty fruitful too.

As have ours. So, as we plan a summer of new Community feat- ures, we would like to hear your thoughts. Please submit your constructive suggest- ions on how we might improve.

And, on behalf of the FQXi family, I would like to thank every writer and blogger, every scientist and reader, who has, or will, colla- borate with us to make our Community page such a wild success. Have some cake on us!
Kirsten A. Hubbard, FQXi Community Editor

A Note From the Editor
Apr 18, 2008
Since January, FQXi has featured articles on foundational questions generated at our Iceland Conference. To celebrate the amazing work of our writers and the generous contributions of our Members featured in the articles, FQXi will take a look back at some of our favorites from this series, including the two articles with the most number of hits. We are unable to highlight all of the articles (a complete list is here), but we would like to extend our gratitude to the writers and Members for their time, energy, and talent. And stay tuned: a new series begins in May!

The Last Titan
Apr 15, 2008
FQXi is deeply saddened by the loss of John A. Wheeler, a giant astride twentieth-century physics and cosmology, whose influence reached to every corner of the fields we investigate, from black holes to quantum mechanics to general relativity. Our thoughts are with his family.

Dooms-Week: Saying Goodbye
Apr 11, 2008
Here is a lovely remembrance of recently departed Arthur C. Clarke, who among other contributions, looked at the dark side of space science, including the indelible 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Dooms-Week Part III
Apr 4, 2008
Here's an article taking a closer look at one of our doomsday scenarios: being incinerated by our own Sun.

Dooms-Week Part II
Mar 31, 2008
Check out this article in the NY Times that describes another freaky, improbable way to go!

Editor's Note: Welcome to Dooms-Week!
Mar 28, 2008
In honor of the upcoming April Fool's Day, FQXi is proud to present "Dooms-Week": An in-depth look at scary -- if extremely improbable -- ways that we could go. Check out our article, a post by blogger William Orem, another post by Associate Scientific Director Anthony Aguirre, and related post on the blog of the article's author, Kate Becker. We are also thankful to for artwork provided by Ron Miller, of Black Cat Studios. Screenwriters, start your engines!

But You Look So Young!
Mar 21, 2008
Newly refined measurements pin the age of the universe at 13.73 billion years (see article). Great baby pictures!

Happy Birthday Andrei!
Mar 14, 2008
FQXi wishes FQXi Member Andrei Linde the happiest 60th birthday, and invites you to check out the party!

Universal Quantum Mechanics
Mar 7, 2008
FQXi Awardee Steven B. Giddings recently published a paper outlining a quantum mechanical framework capable of incorporating gravitational phenomena, in which space and time may only emerge approximately and relationally. Far out!

Meet the Neighbors
Feb 29, 2008
FQXi Member Laura Mersini-Houghton recently completed a radio interview describing her conjecture that astronomers have discovered the first signs of a nearby universe. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Bohm Bohm-Bohm Bohm Boooohm!
Feb 22, 2008
FQXi highlights the recent work of Awardee Roderich Tumulka on extending Bohmian mechanics by defining Bohm-like trajectories for (one or more) quantum particles in a curved background space-time containing a singularity. Wow!

Internal Relations
Feb 15, 2008
Congratulations to FQXi Awardee Olaf Dreyer for his recent paper on "internal relativity," his approach to the problem of quantum gravity in which spacetime and matter are united. Great work!

Feb 8, 2008
Look for a third recent article in the New York Times with quotes from many FQXi Members, this time related to the upcoming time-travel movie, Jumper.

The Interior Problem
Feb 1, 2008
FQXi is pleased to recognize the recent work of Awardees Jorge Pullin and Rodolfo Gambini on loop quantization of spherically symmetric midi-superspaces. Super!

Dimensional Duality
Jan 25, 2008
FQXi highlights the recent work of Scientific Advisory Panelist Eva Silverstein and colleagues showing that under certain conditions, string theory on a compact negatively curved manifold grows new effective dimensions as the space shrinks. Way to go!

Hello Overbye!
Jan 18, 2008
FQXi recognizes another recent article in the New York Times quoting many of our Members. If you could name a body part after a famous physicist, what would it be? (Keep it clean, folks!)

Jan 11, 2008
FQXi notes a recent article in the New York Times with quotes from many of our Members. What's your T-shirt law?

New Year, New Ideas!
Jan 4, 2008
FQXi is excited to present, starting with today's first installment on Dark Energy, a new series of articles inspired by the group discussions at our recent Iceland Conference. For each topic in the series, a group of FQXi Awardees, Members, and others brainstormed today's most interesting Foundational Questions, such as "What Is Dark Energy?" The answers may surprise you, so check in every Friday!

A Note from the Editor
Dec 7, 2007
Over the summer and fall, FQXi profiled all 30 of our 2006 Awardees on our Community webpage. This exciting series has received more attention than we hoped, with each article getting hundreds, even thousands, of hits. To celebrate the amazing work of our writers and the generous contributions of our Awardees, this month FQXi will take a look back at four favorites: two "Editor's Choice" and two with the most number of hits. Because there are only four publication days in December, we are unable to highlight all of the articles (a complete list is here), but we would like to extend our gratitude to the writers and Awardees for their time, energy, and talent. And stay tuned: a new series begins in January!

Taking Science on Faith
Nov 30, 2007
FQXi notes an op-ed article in the New York Times by Member Paul Davies, in which he considers the nature of belief in scientific endeavor. Nice work!

Tick Tock Atomic Clock
Nov 16, 2007
FQXi recognizes the conference "Atomic Clocks and Fundamental Constants," organized by FQXi Member and Awardee Ekkehard Peik, which took place this past June. Great work!

Simply Perfect
Nov 9, 2007
Congratulations to A. Garrett Lisi, FQXi Member and Blogger, for the recent publication of his magnum opus, An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything. Guess the surfboard paid off!

Quantum Graphity Model Introduced
Nov 2, 2007
Congratulations to FQXi Awardee Fotini Markopoulou, and colleagues FQXi Members Lee Smolin and Olaf Dreyer, for the introduction of their new Quantum Graphity Model, and subsequent papers, which may serve as a tractable model for the emergence of classical geometry in background independent models of spacetime.

Fluctuating Alpha?
Oct 26, 2007
FQXi congratulates Awardee Dmitry Budker on the imminent development of his new rf spectrometer, designed to investigate whether the physical constant alpha varies (see article). We wish Dr. Budker the best of luck!

The One Right After the Cane Toads
Oct 19, 2007
A radio interview with Max Tegmark, Anthony Aguirre, and other FQXi notables aired on The Science Show from the Australian Broadcasting Company. Go here for an audio clip of just the interview (works only on Apple computers), or here for the entire show. The FQXi interview is....

2007 FQXi Grants Competition Now Open!
Oct 15, 2007
FQXi is proud to announce its second grants program, a US$2.5M Request for Proposals, conducted in two rounds with a first due date of December 15, 2007. Please see our grants page for more information on this exciting opportunity, now open to all qualified applicants! Awardees from our 2006 Inaugural round are listed here.

The Future is Now -- If Its October 20
Oct 5, 2007
An FQXi-sponsored symposium by Multiversal Journeys (MJ) on the Future of the Universe will be held on October 20 from 10:00a - 1:30p in Chicago, IL. This event also includes the participation of FQXi Member and Awardee Fred Adams, who will show cool movies! MJ now also offers DVDs of past symposia, found here.

It's Getting Cold In Here
Sep 28, 2007
FQXi is proud to highlight the work of FQXi Member and Awardee Keith Schwab, who has recently created a unique, world-class low temperature space, also radio- and microwave-frequency and vibration shielded, for entanglement experiments to begin shortly. Brrrr!

Leifer Blogs -- and Much More!
Sep 21, 2007
FQXi is proud to highlight the blog of Member and Awardee Matthew Leifer, who is currently working to find a unified quantum analog of conditional probability and to investigate the information processing capabilities of theories more general than quantum mechanics. Keep up the good work!

Arrow of Time Points to October
Sep 14, 2007
FQXi is proud to help sponsor a debate on the Origin of Time's Arrow at the New York Academy of Sciences on October 15 and 16, conducted by FQXi Member Brian Greene of Columbia University, Laura Mersini-Houghton of UNC, and FQXi Member Justin Khoury of Perimeter Institute. Why does time seem to travel only toward the future? (Correction made October 1, 2007.)

Thank You and Warm Wishes!
Sep 7, 2007
Our Summer 2007 Intern, Anusha Pokhriyal, has returned to her graduate studies in the physics department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She did an incredible job, and FQXi wishes her the best of luck with her final qualifying exams!

Is Time Travel Possible? What Is The Nature Of Dark Energy?
Aug 31, 2007
An FQXi-sponsored symposium on General Relativity will be held on September 15 from 1:00 - 4:30p in Cambridge, MA. This event also includes the participation of FQXi Member and Awardee Ken Olum, speaking on plausibilty of time travel. (Spoiler alert: We advise you check out the symposium the first time around!)

What Is Mathematical Structure Of Quantum Space-Time?
Aug 24, 2007
FQXi highlights the new work of Member and Awardee Louis Crane on the Mathematical Structure of Quantum Space-Time. Crane's work builds, in part, on the work of fellow Member and Awardee Christopher Isham. Nice job Drs. Crane and Isham!

Broadcasting Our Presence To ET
Aug 16, 2007
FQXi is proud to have helped Member and Awardee Avi Loeb eavesdrop on ET! Check out a movie and radio interview with Dr. Loeb, which will soon be broadcasting our presence to ET.

More On Inaugural FQXi Conference
Aug 10, 2007
The Inaugural FQXi Conference was a hit with bloggers! Check out blog mentions at New Scientist, Cosmic Variance, Shetl-Optimized, and When in doubt, do. Thanks, bloggers; we had a great time too!

Hugh Everett III And His Many Worlds Interpretation
Aug 2, 2007
Two exciting events revisit Hugh Everett III and the fiftieth anniversary of his Many Worlds (MW) interpretation, recently featured in a Nature spread: the Everett@50 conference, held in late July and MW@50 conference, to be held in late September. We wish both conferences well!

FQXi's Inaugural Conference Concludes!
Jul 27, 2007
The FQXi 2007 Inaugural Conference was a great success! Fun was had by all -- in the Blue Lagoon spa and snowmobiling on a glacier, among other incredible locales -- and fascinating science was discussed and developed. Check back here for more details on this incredible event, including podcasts of the main talks!

FQXi's Inaugural Conference Begins!
Jul 20, 2007
FQXi is proud to announce its 2007 Inaugural Conference, convening July 21 to July 26, in Reykjavik, Iceland. Scheduled speakers include Alan Guth, Paul Davies, and Fotini Markopoulou.

Santa Barbara Gravity 2007 Workshop Successfully held!
Jul 13, 2007
Congratulations to Steven Giddings on his successful Santa Barbara Gravity 2007 workshop, on nonlocality, observables, black holes and cosmology. A wiki page, published talks, and photographs on the website attest to their fun and hard work!

From Lake Tahoe to Wiki Page
Jul 6, 2007
For Independence Day week, FQXi salutes A. Garrett Lisi, FQXi blogger, who embodies a true independent spirit by doing his FQXi-funded research from Lake Tahoe, and posting the results on his wiki page Deferential Geometry. Way to go Garrett!

It's All About Time!
Jun 29, 2007
FQXi is proud to support the outreach efforts of Farzad Nekoogar, FQXi Member, and his organization Multiversal Journeys (MJ), explaining foundational questions in physics and astronomy to laypeople. A new MJ symposium, It's About Time: The Concept of Time, Cosmology and the Latest Theory About Time, will be held at UCLA on July 29th.

FQXi- Funded Research has Two More Papers
Jun 22, 2007
Congratulations to Markus Aspelmeyer, an FQXi Member, for his two recent Nature papers, both of which are related to his FQXi-funded work!

Congratulations to FQXi Awardee!
Jun 15, 2007
Christopher Isham, an FQXi Member, with Andreas Doering, has recently published a four-part paper on "A Topos Foundation for Theories of Physics." We congratulate Isham and Doering for this immense and important effort!

Stork Delivers to Hubbard Family
Jun 8, 2007
FQXi is happy to announce the arrival of William Calvin Hubbard Lewis, first child of Kirsten A. Hubbard, Scientific Program Manager. Mom, dad and baby are resting comfortably on cloud nine. FQXi sends best wishes to her family!

FQXi website scores huge hits
Jun 1, 2007
FQXi is thrilled by the hugely positive response to our new Community website, with over 6451 hits in less than a month. Unfortunately, we have also had a large response from spammers. Please rest assured we are working on a permanent fix; but for now, if you see an inappropriate post, click on the tab "report post as inappropriate" and it will be deleted as soon as possible. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Foundations of Physics has a New Chief Editor
May 25, 2007
Congratulations to Gerard 't Hooft, Nobel Prize Winner and FQXi Member, recently named Chief Editor of Foundations of Physics, an international journal devoted to the conceptual bases and fundamental theories of modern physics, biophysics and cosmology.

Meet the Summer Intern
May 18, 2007
FQXi welcomes its 2007 Summer Intern, Anusha Pokhriyal, a grad student in physics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. Anusha has a wide range of experience in science and public speaking, and will be responsible for many aspects of FQXi administration through the summer. Say hello in Iceland - and ask her about lasers!

Davies Hits The Jackpot
May 11, 2007
Paul Davies -- Director of BEYOND at Arizona State University and FQXi Member -- follows up his best-seller "The Mind of God," with a new book, "Cosmic Jackpot: Why Our Universe is Just Right for Life," in which he argues that life plays a central role in the formation of the universe. Congratulations Paul!

Mini-Grant Winners Announced!
May 7, 2007
On May 7, FQXi announced the winners of its Inaugural Mini-Grant program on its FQXi Mini-Grant Winners page. Applications were due on April 9, 2007. For more information on this innovative program, targeted to FQXi Members, please go to the FQXi Mini-Grant page

NSF Looking at Transformational Research
May 7, 2007
According to a new report, the NSF has come to recognize possible deficiencies in their ability to fund "transformational research," and plans to take steps to improve in the future. FQXi applauds this initiative.

In Memoriam: Paul C. Lauterbur
Mar 27, 2007
FQXi is saddened by the loss of Paul C. Lauterbur, Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine and FQXi Member. Our thoughts are with his family.

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