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University of Portsmouth

Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation

Employment type: Fixed-term (3 years)

Employment basis: Full...
Associate Professor of Computer Science (Quantum Computing)

Department of Computer Science, Parks Road, Oxford

Salary on a scale from:...
Entropy journal is currently accepting applications and nominations for

three Travel Awards to sponsor postdoctoral fellows or PhD students to...
Understanding Cosmological Observations, Jul 28 -- Aug 09 2019, Benasque, Spain.

Plenary Speakers: Daniel Baumann, Kfir Blum, Camille...
The 19th BritGrav meeting will be hosted by Department of Physics and Institute of Computational Cosmology at Durham University.

The aim of...
Physics Resources
January 21, 2019

Introductory Resources for Students
Calculus-Based Physics
Free online textbook by Jeffrey W. Schnick.
General Relativity Tutorial
tutorial and resource list organized by John Baez
How to Become a Good Theoretical Physicist
suggested resources handpicked by Gerard 't Hooft
uniquely organized directory of physics concepts
Light and Matter
open-source physics textbooks
MIT OpenCourseWare
online course materials and lectures from MIT
Modern Physics at Stanford
online lectures from Leonard Susskind
Open Yale Courses in Physics
online physics courses from Yale University
peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
online encyclopedia including entries on philosophy of physics
Stanford on iTunes U
online courses from Stanford University
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Public Lectures
Fermilab Video
Particle physics lectures, news and interviews.
KITP Public Lectures
from the Kavli Institute at University of California, Santa Barbara
PI Public Lectures
from Perimeter Institute
Project Tuva Feynman Lectures
1964 lectures from Feynman enhanced with additional material
Richard Feynman - Science Videos
lectures recorded at University of Auckland (New Zealand)
Saturday Morning Lecture Series
from TRIUMF, Canada's National Lab for Particle and Nuclear Physics
Saturday Morning Physics
from the University of Michigan
SLAC Public Lecture Series
from Stanford's national accelerator laboratory
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Discussion Forums & Member Blogs
blog on math, physics, earth science, and more, from John Baez
theoretical physics blog featuring Sabine Hossenfelder
Cosmic Variance
physics blog with a focus on cosmology and astrophysics, featuring Sean Carroll
Matt Leifer
physics, math, quantum theory from Matt Leifer
NOVA: The Nature of Reality
Physics of nothing, everything, and all the things in between
Physics Forums
discussions of all things physics and math
Plus Magazine
online magazine with a focus on math and physics
Quantum Moxie
"Musings of an empiricist" by blogger and quantum physicist, Ian Durham.
Scientific American
blogs from the editors and writers of Scientific American magazine, including George Musser
An ArXiv and physics search engine.
blog on quantum computing from Scott Aaronson
The n-Category Café
group blog on math, physics, and philosophy, featuring John Baez and Urs Schreiber
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Visualizations & Applets
Andrew Hamilton's Homepage
cosmology, gravity, and astrophysics visualizations
Index to Physics Applets
from University of California, Berkeley
Math and Physics Applets
collection of Java applets illustrating math and physics concepts
MIT: Electricity and Magnetism
visualizations from a course on E&M at MIT
Interactive simulations from University of Colorado at Boulder
Space Time Travel
Relavitivity visualized
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FQXi Community Resources
Job Vacancies for Physicists
FQXi's list of job openings in the physics field
Upcoming Conferences and Meetings
FQXi's list of upcoming conferences and meetings in the physics field
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