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penny: on 11/13/08 at 8:46am UTC, wrote Gods, I look like a functional illiterate above. But, as G.H. Hardy once...

penny: on 11/13/08 at 8:44am UTC, wrote spelling and grammar are poor at 3:44Am. Back to sleep.

penny: on 11/13/08 at 8:41am UTC, wrote The real point of Sputnik was that the doppler shift of it's radio signal...

William Orem: on 10/5/07 at 19:50pm UTC, wrote By some reports (speakers of Russian correct me here) a passable...


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September 26, 2021

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Blogger William Orem wrote on Oct. 5, 2007 @ 19:50 GMT
By some reports (speakers of Russian correct me here) a passable translation of "Sputnik" is "co-traveler," in the sense of "one who travels alongside." There's a whole art to scientific designation -- the choosing of terms for what we create, or discover -- but that old familiar name seems doubly apt. In one sense it's appropriate for the basketball-sized piece of machinery that became the first,...

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penny wrote on Nov. 13, 2008 @ 08:41 GMT
The real point of Sputnik was that the doppler shift of it's radio signal allowed the Russians to do accurate gravitometric

analysis of the path of an ICBM ( note, B for Ballistic) missile that would be aimed at a US hardened missile silo.

This would have put the warhead close enough to destroy our silo.

THAT is: IT said the Russians had first strike capacity.

That was scary.

The E. administration wanted us to have a satellite for

spy purposes--but this was problematical in international law==and when the Russians launched their satellite during

IGY ( it was the USA that suggested the ides for IGY), it

gave us a legal leg.

In fact, the E administration did what it could to slow our

development of such a satellite until the Russians launched--by encouraged infighting between the army and the airforce. But E. and his politicians didn't understand about

the science i mentioned above--and left the USA vulnerable to a first strike nuclear war. Note the "Evil Empire" didn't

use its advantage--which happened twice--because later, it was the Russians that had the first deliverable H-Bomb.

The USA could have had a satellite earlier, as Von Braun

knew what to do, and was lobbying for it--but giving the project ot the US air force slowed things down. They bungled

it because after Sputnik because the USA trained engineers

didn't understand what the inverse of matrix was--and they

programed the guidance system wrongly--which caused "abort and explode" at liftoff. Finally, we gave the program to Von

Braun--who launched our first satellite.

Our IGY program was called "Explorer" and it was a cover for the E. Spy satellite program--not scientific, as claimed.

One of these satellites "discovered" the Van Allen belts--actually discovered by a grad student of Van Allen

using detectors on a balloon.

IT was this spy satellite program--very successful--that later gave President Kennedy info to do successful brinkmanship with the Russians during the Cuban Missile


There was a secret manned space program in the USA coming directly out of these satellites, with Chuck Yeager as director, under the cover of the "Manned Orbiting Lab"

to have a manned spy satellite that had higher capacities

than a simple satellite--but it died do to the increase in

the capability of electronics.

( Of course, there was at least on other secret manned space program here in the USA because their was a second shuttle base --for secret military missions--at Vandenberg Air Force base. The existence of this base was NOT kept secret. But, that is a separate story--mentioned here only for completeness.

Finally, Sputnik does mean "fellow traveler'--which was

a politically significant phrase--as supports of international communism were known as Sputnik or

Fellow Travelers.

Non of the above is classified and all of it has been explored by PBS and other open sources.

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penny wrote on Nov. 13, 2008 @ 08:44 GMT
spelling and grammar are poor at 3:44Am.

Back to sleep.

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penny wrote on Nov. 13, 2008 @ 08:46 GMT
Gods, I look like a functional illiterate above. But, as G.H. Hardy once remarked " In practice, multiplication doesn't commute before breakfast".

Back to sleep.

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