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Domenico Oricchio: on 3/13/11 at 9:14am UTC, wrote Thank you for your post. I don’t wait for posts, so the reply was not...

Peter Jackson: on 3/11/11 at 17:58pm UTC, wrote Orichio I was surprised to find no comments here so late in the process. ...

Domenico Oricchio: on 2/14/11 at 12:33pm UTC, wrote Essay Abstract I hypothesize that each elementary particle is a...


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September 18, 2021

CATEGORY: Is Reality Digital or Analog? Essay Contest (2010-2011) [back]
TOPIC: A String Solution in Quantum Gravity by Domenico Oricchio [refresh]
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Author Domenico Oricchio wrote on Feb. 14, 2011 @ 12:33 GMT
Essay Abstract

I hypothesize that each elementary particle is a wave function in a spacetime bubble, and I hypothesize the existence of infinite types of interaction forces, fermions and bosons. I suppose that the Landau-Lifsitz pseudotensor is the general relativity differential equation, the Scheibe operator, over the relativistic wave function that are arbitrary function of the metric density, the square root of the negative determinant of the metric tensor

Author Bio

graduation: mechanical engineering degree: physics thesis: deterministic neural network and fuzzy neural netwoek master: advanced technology in communication and information research: -Genova,fractal dimensionality and experimental discrete equation -Marina di Ravenna, fluid dynamic and bacteria grow equation -Vietri sul mare, fluido dynamic model applied to soil pollution and associate bioremediation -Manchester (interrupted), Natural Gradient Descent and Indipendent Component Analysis

Download Essay PDF File

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Peter Jackson wrote on Mar. 11, 2011 @ 17:58 GMT

I was surprised to find no comments here so late in the process. I was interested in your essay, which seemed to contain some good and original ideas. But it was the first line of your abstract that caught my attention as it is highly equivalent in some ways to my own central thesis.

I've developed a model where ALL matter has a space time bubble around it. Where particles get together to form molecules, the bubble combines barycentrically, yet each free particle also retains it's own if if in motion with resect to it's background.

This is equivalent to Einsteins "All mass is spatially extended", and when in motion more ions condense to form the interplanetary shocks, galactic halos' and Pe clouds around accelerated particles.

But none of that is as important as the result - these discrete fields allow local backgrounds, which avoids Bells inequalities to give Locality and Reality. Special Relativity via a Quantum Mechanism, also then (via condenses mass) giving Equivalence. And all within the SR postulates, explaining constant light speed.

I believe our theories departed somewhere along the line but am not sure precisely. I'm not a physicist or mathematician, though my essay is now in the top 10 as those with good conceptual skills can see the logical solution.

I hope you may too, and hope you can read it (the string is also good). It is consistent with leader Edwins 'C field', Parry's reality, Castel, Spoljaric, Benedict, and others, and particularly Regazas maths. I don't know if yours may be consistent with all, but hope you don't let your community votes go to waste and you support those you wish to.

In particular your views on applicability of your use of the WDW to mine may be helpful, in terms of your; "An elementary particle have a synchronized membrane because each massless boson cannot be used to obtain simultaneity, this is a con firmation that the WDW di erential equation is an appropriate candidate to particle description because WDW have not time coordinate; each elementary particles is a singularity in the spacetime for the same reason, because a little surface must be simultaneous."

You may also like the short paper linked in my string on universe recycling! Despite a little improvement to your English required I feel your essay should be higher and shall wave my wand.

I look forward to your views.

Best wishes


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Author Domenico Oricchio replied on Mar. 13, 2011 @ 09:14 GMT
Thank you for your post.

I don’t wait for posts, so the reply was not quick.

Thank you for the right critic – review – because I think that the theories are invariant under praise, and I must improve the form and the contents.

I intended to write the Scheibe equation after someone read, and understand, my article:

to the infinity it is possible the commutation between metric tensor and derivative, so that one obtain the WDW equation (that seem a cosmologic solution).

I try, in this moment, the Einstein equations for stationary state (stationary particles), without momentum (Landau calculus): I obtain a new solution for Schwarzschild metric; I obtain some strange result for Friedman metric: three momentum exist in a stationary state: I must verify but it seem that there are rotation, and radial translation, without time variation of the metric: it is possible the metric-spin? There is not metric left-right symmetry?

I loose many time to look for a publication in scientific review, and I see with interest in this community of equals, where the community select the article; but it is important even the participation, if there are community member that read, and concur, to the essay.

I am reading, with interest, your article.



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