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What's Ultimately Possible in Physics?
May - October 2009
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August - December 2008

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February 24, 2018

CATEGORY: What's Ultimately Possible in Physics? Essay Contest (2009) [back]
TOPIC: Charged Photons? - An Educated Guess of Properties by Enrique Canessa [refresh]
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Author E. Canessa wrote on Oct. 2, 2009 @ 15:02 GMT
Essay Abstract

We especulate on the dynamics of charged photons admitting a hypothetical non-neglible photon charge Q_\gamma, albeit our limited understanding of extragalactic magnetic fields and of the expansion of the universe lead to uncertainties on its bound. We found a wavelength for the charged photons proportional to \sqrt{Q_\gamma /N_p}, where N_p is their number density. The light waves frequencies being of the order of the cosmic rays (>10^19 Hz).

Author Bio

Dr. Enrique Canessa is a PhD Physicist working as a Scientific Consultant at ICTP in Tieste, Italy. His main areas of research and interest are in the field of complex systems, cosmology, and scientific software applications, with particular focus on disseminating science to and within developing countries using open source technologies.

Download Essay PDF File

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Alan M. Schwartz wrote on Oct. 3, 2009 @ 00:39 GMT
If photons carried charge there would be vacuum anomalous scattering at a large amplitude focus such as as the National Ignition Facility. Calculate the number of NIF photons: 1.8 megajoules at 351 nm for 225 TW delivered at the focus. "Anomalous" means in excess of modeled Phys. Rev. 46 1087 (1934) and observed Phy. Rev. Lett. 79 1626 (1997). One suspects your thesis is already disproven.

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Author E. Canessa wrote on Oct. 3, 2009 @ 15:02 GMT
Eppur: "Intense electromagnetic pulses of astrophysical origin (supernova) can lead to very energetic photons via bremsstrahlung of temporarily accelerated electrons while still in the pulse". In this view, the high-energy photons could transfer some energy to other charged particles. Phys. Rev. Spec. Top. Accelarators and Beams, 2 121301 (1999).

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Owen Cunningham wrote on Oct. 6, 2009 @ 16:58 GMT
A copy of this message is being left in each thread of the essay contest forum.

Submitters: Tired of constantly checking the FQXI site to see how your paper's doing in the rankings? I've written a simple program that periodically checks the FQXI site and sends you an email if the status of your paper has changed in any way. Here is a sample email:

The following changes were detected in the status of your paper:

* Number of posts in discussion forum went from 0 to 20.

* Community rating went from 0 to 3.4.

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* Public rating went from 0 to 4.3.

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* Community ranking went from being in 0th place to being tied for 16th out of 112.

* Public ranking went from being in 0th place to being tied for 19th out of 112.

You just run the program once, in a command prompt window, and then minimize that window and let it do its thing in the background.

If you're interested in a copy (with source for those who care) drop me a note at


Owen Cunningham

P.S. This program requires Windows and the .NET Framework. It has been tested only on Windows XP Service Pack 3 running .NET Framework 3.5, but has a good chance of working with earlier versions.

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Peter Jackson wrote on Oct. 7, 2009 @ 16:32 GMT
Hi Enrique

I like educated guesses, but they're of most value when they can be tested.

It was an educated guess that long range conserved photons like the ones we see travelling short distances, can travel 10bn light years across space at a constant speed. We have since become more educated.

I beleive Lena Hau and co have also looked for them in the BEC they've trapped them in at Harvard, but none could be found, and they had to let the light go in the end. (it went straight back to 'c' of course!!).

I have a real fear you're guessing at the characteristics of the Quark! Beware the apparently benign rule of the ruling paradigm!


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Author E. Canessa wrote on Oct. 7, 2009 @ 21:23 GMT
I appreciate your comment Peter.

A guess ceases to be a guess, until it is tried. A trial is done in a framewrok of facilities. Quarks with electric charge properties

are produced in particle accelerators (and by high energy collisions of cosmic rays). There may not be trials for not having thought of them.

Intuition can motivate the search; and practice can prevent it.

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Bashir Yusuf wrote on Dec. 14, 2010 @ 03:08 GMT
Hi Enrique

I appreciate that Guess, it sounds real, and seems that the photon is the nature ultiimat elementary particle in which every thing is made of...

The core Idea we postulate it is that the nature has same fundamentals. In this scientific article we will explore the broad area in physical science in different aspect and compare to existing known scientific theories. There are no remarkable contradictions with accepted theories, instead integrates and interprets to a better Unified theory.

Gravity is the basic interaction and the Photon is the ultimate elementary particle that every thing is made of. Sphere is dominating shape of the Nature. Multi-Dimensions are important issue for sphere Geometry. Dark matter which has two faces is also another face of the universe’s matter.

We focus particle theory in both astrophysical and subatomic particles including WIMPs MACHOs,Quarks, and Leptons. The Natures Elementary charge’s characteristic is significant in the charged subatomic particles , such as Proton, Electrons, while it is trivial in the other Neutral particles, such

as Neutron, Neutrino, and Neutron star, this phenomena is seemingly based on quantum of what

may called ultimate elementary particles. It is about ODD and EVEN numbers, DISORDERED andORDERED systems. Our conclusion of particle system hierarchy is that there are two main categories due to quantity of Photons.

tank you


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nosyemormep wrote on Feb. 14, 2011 @ 18:02 GMT

I updated Nero, but that didn't help. Firmware is next. I have about 75 good burns each on 100 packs of both my -R & +R media. It seems to die in random spots. My last burn went to 49%. I've had it die as early as 3% also. I will try some different media and updating the firmware tonight.

transfer ipod to mac

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