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Georgina Parry: on 4/2/09 at 21:44pm UTC, wrote It does not seem a logical approach to speculate on infinite numbers of...

November 29, 2022

ARTICLE: The Universe's Odyssey? [back to article]
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Georgina Parry wrote on Apr. 2, 2009 @ 21:44 GMT
It does not seem a logical approach to speculate on infinite numbers of universes with different laws just to fit with an unproven theory that was developed to explain some observable phenomena in our own universe. To say the universe is like it is because it just happens to be is the kind of answer given to a small child to shut him up and prevent more questions. Why "Is it like that?""Because it is!"

The parent retains authority by dismissing the question, without providing any proper explanation at all. The child, having had his curiosity admonished may refrain from further questions, especially if the answer is always the same. Or he may feel deeply dissatisfied and seek the answer himself without troubling the parent again.

This kind of theoretical speculation does not offer any real hope of genuine answers because it ultimately says anything is possible and the universe just arose by chance. Speculating on the other possibilities or how they arise does nothing to aid comprehension of our own universe in my opinion.Rather than answering the questions it avoids them with an explanatory fantasy not unlike many other mythologies. The mythology can either be accepted as providing a solution or be recognised as an unsatisfactory metaphor at best and a flight of fantasy at worst.

I understand how energy changes or movement in 4 Dimensional space could be visualised as strings, rather than distinct particles. As the particle is constantly in motion and never has a definite position.That perspective will fit perfectly well with the Prime Quaternion model.

The main requirements of this model are a quaternion structure with 4 spatio-energetic dimensions in which particles move. The 3 vector dimensions moving along the scalar dimension. Macroscopic objects can be considered to be moving continuously afore along the 4th dimension, allowing subjective time and causing gravity. Sub atomic particles do not necessarily move in the same way, their motion being affected by local forces.Particles such as electrons and protons with charge oscillating afore-ward and back to visible space. From the 3D space perspective they are vanishing into themselves and then reappearing.

This model is able to answer the fundamental question and does not require speculation of numerous other universe with different physical laws.

The picture of the mountains was pretty and quite appropriate for a fantasy setting.

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