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Steve Dufourny: on 9/19/22 at 16:33pm UTC, wrote If we correlate now the machine learning , the AI and the

Steve Dufourny: on 9/19/22 at 16:16pm UTC, wrote Hi, very informative work about the hypersurface, the algorythms and the...

Natalia Ares: on 9/19/22 at 15:39pm UTC, wrote At the Quantum Technology User Meeting 2022 Natalia Ares from the...


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Schrödinger’s A.I. Could Test the Foundations of Reality
Physicists lay out blueprints for running a 'Wigner's Friend' experiment using an artificial intelligence, built on a quantum computer, as an 'observer.'

Expanding the Mind (Literally): Q&A with Karim Jerbi and Jordan O'Byrne
Using a brain-computer interface to create a consciousness 'add-on' to help test Integrated Information Theory.

Quanthoven's Fifth
A quantum computer composes chart-topping music, programmed by physicists striving to understand consciousness.

The Math of Consciousness: Q&A with Kobi Kremnitzer
A meditating mathematician is developing a theory of conscious experience to help understand the boundary between the quantum and classical world.

Can We Feel What It’s Like to Be Quantum?
Underground experiments in the heart of the Italian mountains are testing the links between consciousness and collapse theories of quantum physics.

October 2, 2022

CATEGORY: Blog [back]
TOPIC: Machine Learning Based Control of Quantum Devices I Quantum Technology User Meeting 2022 by Natalia Ares [refresh]
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Blogger Natalia Ares wrote on Sep. 19, 2022 @ 15:39 GMT
At the Quantum Technology User Meeting 2022 Natalia Ares from the University of Oxford shared her work on using machine learning to tune up semiconductor quantum devices. In her experiments, fast and high-fidelity readout of the state of the quantum devices is a crucial ingredient to generating the large datasets needed to train the AI agents. Already now, machine learning improves the speed and reliability of tuning up semiconductor quantum dots, and it enables faster and more reliable qubit experiments on this platform

Keywords: #IAF #Information_As_Fuel #Ares #Quantum_Information #Quantum_Technology

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Steve Dufourny wrote on Sep. 19, 2022 @ 16:16 GMT
Hi, very informative work about the hypersurface, the algorythms and the machines searching the locations. It is interesting in the sense of intepretations of the randomness and the analysis of dimensions. How to chose after all the correct systems with the good algorythms.

I liked the approachs of sortings,synchronisations and the different tuning time devices and the aim in finding the...

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Steve Dufourny replied on Sep. 19, 2022 @ 16:33 GMT
If we correlate now the machine learning , the AI and the becomes very very complex about the choices and free will, and so about the difference between objectivity and subjectivity. For example a conscious system prefer things, my favorite color is the blue but I cannot tell that it is the best choice because for an other it is the red,so we arrive at an important point considering the 5 senses correlated with the brain and the memory, the big question is why I prefer this blue or why I prefer this taste for a plate, there is like a logic but very complex and it is also about a choice, decision, observation......the 5 senses are interesing to analyse with the microtubules, the brains, the memory and how we encode and why in function of preferences. That implies a ranking of informations, some are foundamental, universal , objective and others are like subjective in function of our uniqueness , But it is intriguing about the intuition and the extrapolations of our minds if the objectivity , the subjectivity and the creativity are considered. That implies incredible parallel complex systems where the choices, the decisions, the encodings are under algorythms but still beyond our understanding.

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