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Steve Dufourny: on 7/13/22 at 19:24pm UTC, wrote Thanks Peter , great, I am going to look at this , friendly

Peter Morgan: on 7/13/22 at 19:17pm UTC, wrote This gives partial information:...

Steve Dufourny: on 7/12/22 at 15:46pm UTC, wrote The specialists are going to analyse and extrapolate these datas. I hope...

Peter Morgan: on 7/12/22 at 14:33pm UTC, wrote Hi, Steve, thanks. Yeah, I had seen that and was disappointed by how...

Steve Dufourny: on 7/12/22 at 13:54pm UTC, wrote Hi Peter, it is fascinating indeed all this .A new door indeed about this...

Peter Morgan: on 7/12/22 at 13:18pm UTC, wrote Does anyone have a link or links for metadata for this and future images?...

Zeeya Merali: on 7/12/22 at 12:46pm UTC, wrote Yesterday we got a sneak preview of the JWST’s First Deep Field image,...


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December 6, 2022

CATEGORY: Blog [back]
TOPIC: Watch Live: JWST images released by NASA [refresh]
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FQXi Administrator Zeeya Merali wrote on Jul. 12, 2022 @ 12:46 GMT
Yesterday we got a sneak preview of the JWST’s First Deep Field image, introduced by President Biden, showing galaxy cluster SMACS 0723.

Biden called the moment “historic,” adding it's “a new window into the history of our universe." “It’s hard to even fathom,” he said, adding, “It’s astounding. It’s an historic moment for science and technology, for America and all of humanity.”

Alexandra Witze, over at Nature News, has a good description of what we're seeing. The preview image shows thousands of distant galaxies in the constellation Volans, fainter than any galaxies seen before, in a patch of sky no larger than that covered by a grain of sand held at arm’s length.

We're seeing an effect called gravitational lensing. As Witze explains: "Galaxies that lie very far from Earth can be seen only in infrared wavelengths, because the expansion of the Universe has shifted their light out of the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum and into the infrared. Webb’s first deep-field image shows this effect dramatically around a cluster of galaxies known as SMACS 0723, which lies around 4 billion light-years from Earth. The clusters’ gravity bends and magnifies the light of objects behind it, allowing astronomers to glimpse extremely distant objects."

The full set of JWST’s first full-color images and spectra is going to be released shortly.

For more context on what astronomers hope to learn from these images, check out FQXi's in-depth (but free to read) report on our Cosmic Origins, over on the JTF site, by Mitch Waldrop.

Free Podcast

Schrödinger's Tardigrade: Has a multicellular organism really been entangled with a superconducting qubit? Physicist Vlatko Vedral defends his team's controversial claims; Mitch Waldrop discusses the long-running Hubble tension saga and the launch of the JWST; and

"The Hiding Place and the Universe," a dramatic interpretation of the life of an experimental quantum physicist.


Go to full podcast

Mitch also chatted to us on the podcast, in advance of JWST's launch, about the technological feat required to build it, and its science goals.

And if that's whetted your appetite, Mitch has also written a new book on the topic, published by Springer, in collaboration with FQXi.

So, what do you think about the new images?

Keywords: JWST DeepField JamesWebb Telescope NASA

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Peter Warwick Morgan wrote on Jul. 12, 2022 @ 13:18 GMT
Does anyone have a link or links for metadata for this and future images? I'm particularly curious about what frequency ranges are mapped to red, green, and blue, but I would be interested in other information.

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Steve Dufourny replied on Jul. 12, 2022 @ 13:54 GMT
Hi Peter, it is fascinating indeed all this .A new door indeed about this universe and its evolution. Maybe you can go on the webb telescope site here is the link

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Peter Warwick Morgan replied on Jul. 12, 2022 @ 14:33 GMT
Hi, Steve, thanks. Yeah, I had seen that and was disappointed by how lay-person oriented it is. I suppose serious astronomers/astrophysicists/cosmologists will work with the raw data as soon as they're allowed access to it, so they won't need to know how this particular image was constructed.

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Steve Dufourny replied on Jul. 12, 2022 @ 15:46 GMT
The specialists are going to analyse and extrapolate these datas. I hope that they shall consider this dark energy and dark matter to better understand the mechanisms cosmological of all these cosmological spheres in motions than just with this general relativity which is not sufficient for me. This GR has created a philosophical prison. In all case , ther technologies about these telescopes are fascinating. That permits to return in the past with this relativity that said which is for this a good tool and to better understand the evolution of this universe in ranking the distances and times more their motions, rotations, .....friendly

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