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Steve Agnew: on 9/15/18 at 15:06pm UTC, wrote Singh has a really good approach for resolving the measurement issues by...

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September 19, 2018

CATEGORY: Blog [back]
TOPIC: Space-time from Collapse of the Wave-function [refresh]
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Steve Agnew wrote on Sep. 15, 2018 @ 15:06 GMT
Singh has a really good approach for resolving the measurement issues by localizing a wavefunction with new noise constants, rC and tC. By adding a teeny tiny bit of noise to physical reality, Singh shows that wavefunctions will collapse even without an observer and so continuous spontaneous collapse (CSL) is quite hot right now, especially with the Smolin group at Perimeter.

Of course, the universe is already full of noise even without a new operator and its two new constants. For example, the orbit of an electron around a proton in hydrogen means that there are both charge and gravity fluctuations outside of the atom even without a new operator and constants.

In fact, at the characteristic radius, rC = 70 nm, between two hydrogens, the dispersion force of charge attraction equals the gravity force between the two neutral hydrogens. This rC depends on existing universe constants and likewise, a characteristic time tC= 3.9Byrs, comes from the ratio of gravity to charge at the hydrogen orbit.

So without any new constants, existing gravity noise in the universe is sufficient to collapse quantum wavefunctions without further ado. In fact, these values are consistent with the present state of CSL and show that future measurements will actually measure these fluctuations. However, the present physics already predicts that they exist and so measurement will simply be a confirmation and not any new physics...

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