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jim h: on 5/13/18 at 17:32pm UTC, wrote A new version of the classic circularity: "nothing happened for a long...

Joe Fisher: on 5/12/18 at 14:55pm UTC, wrote Dear Article Readers. Irrefutable evidence exists that...

Robert McEachern: on 5/12/18 at 12:28pm UTC, wrote The blackhole information paradox is based upon several dubious...

May 24, 2018

ARTICLE: Fuzzballs v Black Holes [back to article]
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Robert H McEachern wrote on May. 12, 2018 @ 12:28 GMT
The blackhole information paradox is based upon several dubious assumptions:

(1) That quantum theory describes everything that exists, rather than merely describing the detection process itself, and thus only the things being detected.

(2) That the information content of an emitter, like a blackhole, is indicative of the information content of the emissions emanating from the emitter. This is generally not true in the classical realm, and there is no reason to suppose it is true in the quantum realm.

(3) That quantum vacuum fluctuations, and thus Hawking radiation, are an actual physical phenomenon, rather than just a misunderstood property (the response to noise) of the Fourier transforms (wavefunctions) being used to describe the phenomenon. In other words, a property of the "map" of the "territory", that does not correspond to any actual property of the territory itself; if you only study the equations, you will find it, but if you study the actual observations, you will not. As Hawking himself said, “There is no more experimental evidence for some [scientific] theories than there is for astrology, but we believe them..."

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Joe Fisher wrote on May. 12, 2018 @ 14:55 GMT
Dear Article Readers.

Irrefutable evidence exists that conclusively proves that the earth had a visible surface for millions of regular Gregorian calendar years BEFORE Newton and Einstein ever appeared on that surface and began their unrealistic physics FINITE informational guesswork, and before any timepieces were ever manufactured, and well before quantum physics were ever even thought of.

All of the Popes who have ever lived and all of the theoretical physicists that have ever lived have been mistaken by assuming that any VISIBLE infinite surface could have emerged from out of a void. How could INVISIBLE black holes possibly collide and start emitting FINITE vibrations?

It logically follows that Nature must have designed the only REAL VISIBLE structure of the real planet earth, and the real VISIBLE Universe the real VISIBLE earth am contained in, obtainable.

The real Universe consists only of one real single unified VISIBLE infinite surface eternally occurring in one single infinite dimension that am always mostly illuminated by finite non-surface light.

My essay, REALITY AM NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, which was published online by the Foundational Questions Institute ( on January 10th, 2018 explains natural reality more fully. The essay is located at url:

Joe Fisher, Realist

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jim h wrote on May. 13, 2018 @ 17:32 GMT
A new version of the classic circularity: "nothing happened for a long time, then something happened, and time began."

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