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Wandering Towards a Goal
How can mindless mathematical laws give rise to aims and intention?
December 2, 2016 to March 3, 2017
Contest Partner: The Peter and Patricia Gruber Fnd.

Trick or Truth: The Mysterious Connection Between Physics and Mathematics
Contest Partners: Nanotronics Imaging, The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation, and The John Templeton Foundation
Media Partner: Scientific American


How Should Humanity Steer the Future?
January 9, 2014 - August 31, 2014
Contest Partners: Jaan Tallinn, The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation, The John Templeton Foundation, and Scientific American

It From Bit or Bit From It
March 25 - June 28, 2013
Contest Partners: The Gruber Foundation, J. Templeton Foundation, and Scientific American

Questioning the Foundations
Which of Our Basic Physical Assumptions Are Wrong?
May 24 - August 31, 2012
Contest Partners: The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation, SubMeta, and Scientific American

Is Reality Digital or Analog?
November 2010 - February 2011
Contest Partners: The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation and Scientific American

What's Ultimately Possible in Physics?
May - October 2009
Contest Partners: Astrid and Bruce McWilliams

The Nature of Time
August - December 2008

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Resolving the black hole firewall paradox—by calculating what a real astronaut would compute at the black hole's edge.

Quantum Dream Time
Defining a ‘quantum clock’ and a 'quantum ruler' could help those attempting to unify physics—and solve the mystery of vanishing time.

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Calculating the odds that intelligent observers arise in parallel universes—and working out what they might see.

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January 23, 2018

CATEGORY: Wandering Towards a Goal Essay Contest (2016-2017) [back]
TOPIC: The mathematical basis of human intelligence by Michael Thomas Deans [refresh]
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Author Michael Thomas Deans wrote on Mar. 6, 2017 @ 17:31 GMT
Essay Abstract

Understanding how the 'minion' chip in the brain tackles problems in various branches of mathematics simplifies problems. Minion logic is basis for using base-10 arithmetic, appreciation of the unsatisfactory yes/no answers computers yield is vital. Linear comparisons are valid only for numbers less than sixty-three, for larger quantities ratios and percentages are more appropriate. Minions recognize eighteen dimensions, exceeding those physicists ascribe to fundamental particles. For most common purposes, three-dimensional geometry suffices; invoking time as a fourth dimension has no biological justification. Integral and differential calculus involve unjustified extrapolations. Specialists confine their judgement to one or a few concepts, inter-disciplinary consensus is essential for reaching satisfactory conclusions. The geometry of life’s molecular components governs our perception. The minion clock limits our range of thinking. This brief essay offers hope for a better future.

Author Bio

Since my 'eureka moment' in 1967, discovering the lasing transition in 'ice XIc', I've sought to disseminate its consequences as widely as possible. Proving Euclid's geometric theorems at school didn't appeal to me, working through 'Problems in classical Physics' at Cambridge convinced me that Einstein's doubts about quantum mechanics were valid. My book SCIENCE UNCOILED describes a 'theory of everything' that works. In submitting this essay, I seek to resolve the discrepancies arising from using inappropriate mathematical concepts to solve real world problems.

Download Essay PDF File

Peter Jackson wrote on Mar. 7, 2017 @ 17:07 GMT

"The minions in our sense organ cells encode signals on receipt which may be recognized anywhere in the brain."

Few essays here have recognised or discussed the important and complex 'encoding' we certainly know happens to optical signals (for which I derive a Bayesian distribution). I'm no expert on smell, sound etc encodement but it stands to reason that some similar process must occur. It seems you've identified an important 'missing link' in input analysis and distribution.

I'm also interested in your 'polar co-ordinates' approach, which seems to equate to the classical derivation of QM's predictions I identify emergent from orthogonal momenta distributions on the surface of a spinning ('Bloch') sphere. You may perhaps help me on that. I do hope you'll read mine and discuss.

I also enjoyed the fresh and original view on astrology (I'm a scorpio, so 'TRUTH' by the way). That needed more development as to most of course it sounds crazy, but remember Bohr's response from the auditorium to a comment; "Yes, it sounds crazy, but is it crazy enough to be true!"

I think your ultra low score is a travesty, probably from a combination of the cognitive dissonance prevailing in science and 'trolling' (I've had four 1's!). Mine should help.

Best of luck.


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Author Michael Thomas Deans replied on Mar. 8, 2017 @ 16:51 GMT
Dear Peter Jackson,

I read part of your essay, it seems to take the standard 'neural network' position. Please read SCIENCE UNCOILED, Melrose Press and my unpublished thesis 'Some biochemical consequences of a consistent framework for the origin of life' at I'll be happy to interpret your birth chart if you include your time, date and place of birth. Wishing you equal measures of goodness, truth, beauty, peace, love, progress, stability, justice and unity,


Joe Fisher wrote on Mar. 12, 2017 @ 15:25 GMT
Dear Michael Thomas Deans,

Please excuse me for I have no intention of disparaging in any way any part of your essay.

I merely wish to point out that “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate.

Only nature could produce a reality so simple, a single cell amoeba could deal with it.

The real Universe must consist only of one unified visible infinite physical surface occurring in one infinite dimension, that am always illuminated by infinite non-surface light.

A more detailed explanation of natural reality can be found in my essay, SCORE ONE FOR SIMPLICITY. I do hope that you will read my essay and perhaps comment on its merit.

Joe Fisher, Realist

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Author Michael Thomas Deans replied on Mar. 12, 2017 @ 20:06 GMT
Dear Joe Fisher,

Your essay covers familiar ground, spelling and grammar aren't my strong points but mistakes like using 'am' instead of 'are' in your comment and others I stalled on as I looked through your essay can put folk off. See my book SCIENCE UNCOILED, Melrose Press, available along with thesis 'Some biochemical consequences of a consistent framework for the origin of life' on my website, (Google michaeltdeans, scienceuncoiled). Infinity's bigger than 63^18, the largest number minions can grasp.

Peace, Love & Progress!

Michael T Deans

Joe Fisher replied on Mar. 13, 2017 @ 15:55 GMT
Dear Michael Thomas Deans,

My contention that: Only nature could produce a reality so simple, a single cell amoeba could deal with it, and that the real Universe must consist only of one unified visible infinite physical surface occurring in one infinite dimension, that am always illuminated by infinite non-surface light has never been mentioned by anyone ever. Please arrange to take a remedial English language 101 reading class as soon as possible.

Joe Fisher, Realist

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Satyavarapu Naga Parameswara Gupta wrote on Mar. 14, 2017 @ 07:17 GMT
Nice essay Deans,

Your ideas and thinking are excellent for eg…

1. Figure 2 Minions copy 1,701 base-pairs with no un- or re-coiling

2. The neural network model of brain function fails to explain mental data analysis. Lateral thinking’ enables gifted individuals to translate ideas from one

field of learning to another, analogy is a powerful intellectual...

view entire post

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Don Limuti wrote on Apr. 3, 2017 @ 03:43 GMT

I have been referring to some of the entrants in this contest as minions in a sort of derogatory way. I never realized that: "Minions are biological clocks, their time unit   1.4 thousand million millionths of a second, is the shortest we can appreciate. DNA is ‘handed’, chiral so the concatenated hydrogen bonds (B in Figure 5) always travels in the same direction to record it, determining the direction time takes."

This is truly an outstanding essay, with a wicked sense of humor.......High marks!

And if you want the scoop on Chirality check out:

Thanks for being in the contest,

Don Limuti

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Author Michael Thomas Deans wrote on Apr. 3, 2017 @ 19:03 GMT
Dear Don,

It's a long time since I named my DNA-protein complex 'minion'. The way making plastic models can predict day-length, Sun-spot cycle period and the 'Age of the universe' so much more cheaply than sending rockets or accelerating particles should make people think. Accepting the notion that time's a figment of our imagination, though as counter-intuitive as quantum mechanics, begs rethinking the dimensions of reality - 2 as in E. Abbott's 'Flatland', 3 as dictated by common sense, 4, 11 or the 18 I offer? Please get in touch by emailing

Wish you Peace, Love and Progress!


attachments: Five_problems.pdf

Dizhechko Boris Semyonovich wrote on Apr. 7, 2017 @ 07:44 GMT
Dear Sirs!

Physics of Descartes, which existed prior to the physics of Newton returned as the New Cartesian Physic and promises to be a theory of everything. To tell you this good news I use «spam».

New Cartesian Physic based on the identity of space and matter. It showed that the formula of mass-energy equivalence comes from the pressure of the Universe, the flow of force which on the corpuscle is equal to the product of Planck's constant to the speed of light.

New Cartesian Physic has great potential for understanding the world. To show it, I ventured to give "materialistic explanations of the paranormal and supernatural" is the title of my essay.

Visit my essay, you will find there the New Cartesian Physic and make a short entry: "I believe that space is a matter" I will answer you in return. Can put me 1.


Dizhechko Boris

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