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February 22, 2018

CATEGORY: Ultimate Reality [back]
TOPIC: Multiversal Journeys: The Multiverse – Introduction and Misconceptions [refresh]
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FQXi Administrator Brendan Foster wrote on Feb. 3, 2017 @ 22:00 GMT
Multiversal Journeys is a physics education organization run by FQXi Member Farzad Nekoogar. MVJS recently produced a lesson on the multiverse (supported by an FQXi mini-grant). Please have a look here.

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Steve Dufourny wrote on Feb. 5, 2017 @ 16:54 GMT
Hello Mr Foster,

Thanks for sharing,it is always interesting to listen really the words of people with videos.I liked.

I ask me if it is a reality, how we must consider this uniqueness and entropy.If it exists multispheres ,so the central BH is still more important for the entire sphere.Wowww if it is the case, the universal sphere is still bigger than we imagine.It is this entropical uniqueness which is important also.The spherical volumes are important also for this multispheres Inside the sphere.Now of course how can we already approach our central biggest BH ? already our universe we are far at all scales.Now I must admit that it is intreiguing if it exists multivers but we return at this number one after all considering the main singularity.Now about the lawsz Inside each universe, it is intriguing if they are not the same.It is possible indeed,multispheres in the sphères and its sphères wowwww


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Member Farzad Nekoogar wrote on Mar. 20, 2017 @ 04:40 GMT
The goals of this documentary (The Multiverse Part 1) are to provide an introduction to the Multiverse Cosmology and clarify common misconceptions about it. Part 2 of the documentary to be released in April, 2017, will cover Eternal Inflation, String theory landscape, and how to test the Multiverse theory, among other topics. The level of presentation is appropriate for scientifically literate non-specialists who want to know the latest discoveries in theoretical physics and cosmology in a non-technical language.

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