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Georgina Parry: on 3/29/09 at 23:07pm UTC, wrote So these two men get along well and enjoy a cup of coffee together. This...

Uncle Al: on 9/19/08 at 16:02pm UTC, wrote Physics postulates isotropic vacuum for Einstein's elevator (GR) and...

November 29, 2022

ARTICLE: Logic Through a Lens [back to article]
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Uncle Al wrote on Sep. 19, 2008 @ 16:02 GMT
Physics postulates isotropic vacuum for Einstein's elevator (GR) and angular momentum conservation (QFT) through Noether's theorem. Parity is the only non-Noetherian external symmetry. Physics choked on parity (Yang and Lee). Any symmetric body gaplessly dissects into homochiral halves (La Coupe du Roi; Ashtekar and GR). Quantized gravitation is not predictive. Therefore...

A massed sector chiral pseudoscalar vacuum background renders GR and QFT incomplete. Pseudoscalar field dilution drives post-Big Bang inflation, matter-antimatter asymmetry, left-handed Weak interaction, and imposes biological homochirality. L-amino acids (meat) and D-sugars (wood) cancel a parity Nordtvedt effect. Photons and achiral or racemic mass distributions are inert.

Detect a vacuum left foot with a pair of shoes. Atoms self-similarly array in 240 crystallographic space groups. 11 pairs of enantiomorphic space groups are themselves chiral. Three pairs exclude racemic and opposite chirality screw axes.

A parity Eotvos experiment opposes chemically identical, opposite parity, centimeter diameter, single crystal quartz test masses - space groups P3(1)21 and P3(2)21. Will spacetime geometry prove asymmetric toward test mass chiral geometry? If so, THERE'S YOUR PROBLEM.

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Georgina Parry wrote on Mar. 29, 2009 @ 23:07 GMT
So these two men get along well and enjoy a cup of coffee together. This article took a long while to get going but in the end was quite interesting.

I agree that there are problems with mathematics but to throw logic out of the door to fix it sounds a bit extreme. If it just boils down to making the mathematics more flexible that is a different matter but picking and choosing when to be...

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