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Joe Schindler: on 9/21/21 at 17:37pm UTC, wrote Link:

Joe Schindler: on 9/21/21 at 17:36pm UTC, wrote Link:...

Joe Schindler: on 9/6/21 at 18:51pm UTC, wrote Deadline: 15 Oct 2021 Dear Colleagues, We are currently accepting...

September 29, 2021

CATEGORY: Physics Announcements [back]
TOPIC: Job Vacancies for Physicists [refresh]
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FQXi Administrator Joe Schindler wrote on Sep. 21, 2021 @ 17:37 GMT

QAI/QNLP Research Scientist

Location: Oxford

CQ is looking for a talented scientist to join a highly interdisciplinary research team based in Oxford, working on Quantum NLP, and more generally Quantum AI. The main focus of the role is the development of novel quantum as well as quantum-inspired quantum algorithms. A key part of the position is the identification of quantum advantage in the NISQ or FT regimes. The successful candidate will be fluent in the theory of quantum computation and quantum algorithms with a good research track record and will have a good grasp of the software libraries enabling the implementation of quantum algorithms on existing QCs. This is your chance to work with leading recognised scientists and contribute in a pivotal role to the cutting edge research being undertaken.


Ph.D. in Quantum Algorithms, or related (mathematics, physics, computer science)

Knowledge of (quantum) complexity theory

Good software coding skills

Familiarity with quantum resource estimation

Our approach embraces the paradigm of compositionality, so familiarity with CT is a good bonus.

Knowledge of linguistics and formal language theory.

Familiarity with computational linguistics and modern methods of NLP

Familiarity with Machine Learning, approaches to AI.

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FQXi Administrator Joe Schindler wrote on Sep. 21, 2021 @ 17:36 GMT

Cambridge Quantum (CQ) is seeking an Evangelist for Quantum Natural Language Processing (QNLP), and Compositional Intelligence (CI) program more broadly, to work with the Oxford-based QNLP team. QNLP is a new field of research aimed at the design and implementation of NLP models that run on quantum hardware. CI more broadly aims to provide AI models guided by compositional structures.

As someone who has a passion for science and technology you will be working actively engaging with the quantum community and clients to promote CQ’s QNLP & CI research, products and offering. You will be the ambassador for our QNLP & CI outreach program aimed at expanding its profile and attraction. You will be responsible for continuing to grow the interest in QNLP & CI through a combination of marketing, promotion and education both on and offline.

Day to day your activities will focus on developing relationships with some of the world’s largest global companies, research institutions (including universities) and governments. You will also embed yourself within the various quantum communities, actively speaking at conferences and events to articulate the benefits and use cases of our technology. You therefore must be someone who thrives on delivering technical conversations, enhanced with your ability to enjoy online and offline conversations with our community.

The QNLP & CI team at CQ follows a two-stage process, involving (1) research, design, and development of models on classical hardware; and (2) transportation of the models to quantum hardware. Recent work includes [1]. A lighter presentation including an account on compositionality is [2].


[1] Lorentz et al. QNLP in Practice: Running Compositional Models of Meaning on a Quantum Computer. arXiv:2102.12846

[2] Coecke et al. How to make qubits speak. arXiv:2107.06776

Key Responsibilities:

Growing the interest, following and attraction on CQ’s QNLP & CI products

Exceptional verbal communication and soft skills, with and the ability to talk to diverse audiences through different online and in-person channels.

The ability to translate complex technical concepts and technologies into strategic business and customer-centric value propositions.

Ability to interact, build trust and influence various stakeholders including users, clients (technical and non-technical) and internal scientific teams.

A proactive operator who is confident to jump on opportunities as they arise.

The ability to travel with the demands of the role when required.

Key requirements:

MSc in a relevant STEM subject (Physics, Maths, Computer Science, philosophy).

Some familiarity with QNLP & CI related research

Strong written communication skills, designing technical presentations, white papers and technical support tools for users.

A passion for emerging technology and a strong desire to communicate technical elements in a simple, effective manner to a target audience

Desirable experience:

Familiarity with implementation of quantum software on near-term quantum hardware.

Experience in compositional structures.

Professional work experience of 2+ years.

A Ph.D. in a relevant area.

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FQXi Administrator Joe Schindler wrote on Sep. 6, 2021 @ 18:51 GMT
Deadline: 15 Oct 2021

Dear Colleagues,

We are currently accepting applications for the Spring 2022 Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Scholar Fellowship program.

About the Fellowship:

The Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Scholar Fellowship (IPSF) program is a new initiative for talented early career researchers from all over the world. The Fellowship provides a unique opportunity to advance researchers' academic careers by conducting full-time interdisciplinary research and training with OIST faculty and respective research units. Prospective Fellows should contact PI's of OIST units that they wish to work with and establish, at some minimum level, feasibility of their research plan before applying.

What we are looking for in candidates:

a Ph.D. and 1-3 years post PhD experience

Excellent scientific achievements in the area of study

Ability to conduct independent research under the mentorship of OIST faculty

Interdisciplinary research project complementary to the research areas pursued by OIST

Previous work in an international environment is preferred

What we offer:

Rich interdisciplinary research

International, diverse and inclusive work environment

Competitive salary, benefits and discretionary research budget

Ability to select a unit to conduct your research

Opportunities for professional and career development


Relocation expenses (to Okinawa), housing and commuting allowances

Annual paid leave and summer holidays

Health insurance (Private School Mutual Aid

Welfare pension insurance (kousei-nenkin)

Worker’s accident compensation insurance (roudousha-saigai-hoshou-hoken)

Application Documents:

Cover Letter

Curriculum Vitae

List of publications – highlighting two relevant and impactful papers

Research statement includes:

detailed research plan describing new interdisciplinary collaborations plan between two OIST research units

how the candidate’s project will complement OIST research programs

explanation on how the candidate will benefit from the Fellowship

research budget specifications

Letters of support from two OIST Principal Investigators with clearly outlined and measurable research and mentorship responsibilities towards the Fellow

Three Letters of Recommendation

Host units: The list of faculty members is found here.

Number of positions: 3 (internal applicants can apply)

Selection process:

Fall 2021 - The applications are submitted, evaluated and interviewed

Fall 2021 - Offers are made to the selected candidates

Spring and Fall 2022 - the Fellows arrive at OIST

To submit applications, CLICK HERE

Contact information: Send queries to with the subject line [Postdoc Fellowship]

Applicants should submit the above-mentioned application material and the desired period of visit. Applications received by October 15, 2021, are guaranteed full consideration.

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