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Vad Bobrovski: on 9/9/14 at 22:36pm UTC, wrote Hi, good act of self-action. If we don't act ourself, then there is no...

Vad Bobrovski: on 8/4/14 at 21:08pm UTC, wrote Video Image Video URL ...


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Building Agency in the Biology Lab
Physicists are using optogenetics techniques to make a rudimentary agent, from cellular components, which can convert measurements into actions using light.

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Investigating how quantum memory storage could aid machine learning and how quantum interactions with the environment may have played a role in evolution.

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Why do we remember the past and not the future? Untangling the connections between cause and effect, choice, and entropy.

May 29, 2020

CATEGORY: Show Me the Physics! Video Contest (2014) [back]
TOPIC: The Civilization of the Ruler, the Weight, the Protractor and Sand Glass by Vad S Bobrovskiy [refresh]
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Vad S Bobrovski wrote on Aug. 4, 2014 @ 21:08 GMT
Video Image

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Video Description

Ancient measurement units (length, mass, angle of rotation, time) survived for use in later experiments by the Natural Philosophers. Such experiments began with the conception of ‘force’. The population of our planet is delighted with modern technology, but, in our technocratic civilization, it has already gone clean from our minds the amazing simplicity of the measurement system. All kinds of equipment in our energy-electric-nuclear-thermonuclear high tech civilization, including electrical measuring instruments, are based only on the ruler, the protractor, the weight, the normal cell (battery) and quantum standards of time, which substitutes the spring chronometer and earlier, the sand glass.

Video Co-Creator(s)

Isabelle Strobel, freelancer

Video Creator Bio

Vad Bobrovskiy is a researcher in the Distant School CosmicMeteoTectonics. Passionate about new science frontiers since the University and postgraduating, Vad focuses on the achievements of nonlocal statistical mechanics theory by Vlasov and Vlasov-Everett Many-world conception. Isabelle Strobel is a freelance storyboard artist and animator located in the Los Angeles area. Throughout the years I have learned to work with a multitude of graphic design and animation softwares both in 2D and 3D but my main focus lies on telling the story with quick but expressive pictures.

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