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February 20, 2018

ARTICLE: Heart of Darkness [back to article]
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Stuart Marongwe wrote on Aug. 17, 2014 @ 10:30 GMT
Perhaps this paper might help in your quest

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Andrew Planet wrote on Nov. 25, 2014 @ 23:21 GMT
Seeing as we can figure out the inner structure of neutron stars and black holes are like a next stage in density, it seems plausible

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sridattadev kancharla wrote on Dec. 8, 2014 @ 21:42 GMT
Dear Hubeny,

Please see the absolute mathematical singularity of zero = i = infinity explained in the blog Any Body Can Derive Everything From Geometry.


Sridattadev Kancharla.

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Frank Martin DiMeglio wrote on Mar. 19, 2016 @ 20:09 GMT
Black holes involve full inertia (inertial resistance) that is in balance with full gravity. (Outer space involves full inertia. It is fully invisible, and it is black.) The inertial resistance is understood as involving the gravity. This is the most fundamental law/truth in all of physics: INERTIAL RESISTANCE is proportional to gravitational force/energy. This is true in the case of black holes. Most importantly, this law/truth balances gravity and inertia.

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Quantum Antigravity wrote on Apr. 15, 2017 @ 05:16 GMT

I have made a theoretical as well as an empirical scientific discovery of quantum gravity and quantum antigravity.

Present quantum gravity theories suffer from too many space dimensions, and from too few experiments that could provide conclusive verifying, or falsifying empirical evidence. On the contrary, my hypothesis is simple, clear, and easily empirically verifiable:

Should anybody need clarification, I am more than happy to answer any questions.

Naturally, I am also open to meritorious criticism, and any suggestions for improvement.

I am sure other researchers could greatly contribute to further development of this hypothesis (almost a theory).

Thank you so very much! :)

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