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Adam Katcher: on 9/11/14 at 23:23pm UTC, wrote Hi Sabine, I'm going to be very honest here: at first I thought this was...

Antony Lisi: on 9/11/14 at 3:00am UTC, wrote This is great, nicely done Sabine! One doesn't often encounter a...

Mark Prince: on 9/10/14 at 21:55pm UTC, wrote Looks like we need to help each other out contestants!!! I have given your...

Sabine Hossenfelder: on 9/9/14 at 4:40am UTC, wrote Thanks :o) Ha, I can see, must be some shock that I started singing if you...

James Walsh: on 9/6/14 at 18:36pm UTC, wrote Hi, I enjoyed your video a great deal. I remember "The Last Question"...

Marc Séguin: on 9/4/14 at 21:30pm UTC, wrote Sabine, Congratulations for a very unexpected, personal and original...

Sabine Hossenfelder: on 7/21/14 at 21:07pm UTC, wrote Video Image Video URL ...


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May 21, 2022

CATEGORY: Show Me the Physics! Video Contest (2014) [back]
TOPIC: I saw the future by Sabine Hossenfelder [refresh]
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Member Sabine Hossenfelder wrote on Jul. 21, 2014 @ 21:07 GMT
Video Image

Video URL

Video Description

How will the universe end? Will it end? This question has always fascinated me. It still does.

Video Creator Bio

Sabine is an assistant professor for high energy physics at Nordita in Stockholm. She writes a blog called Backreaction and tweets as @skdh.

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Member Marc Séguin wrote on Sep. 4, 2014 @ 21:30 GMT

Congratulations for a very unexpected, personal and original video! I was surprised when the music started and you started to sing, and even more surprised when I heard the line "I saw everybody die"... I thought: "Is this a video that is supposed to show that physics is fun?" But by the end of the video, the melody and the leitmotiv "I saw the future" were stuck in my head... and I understood that your main point was that by studying physics, we can in some real sense predict the future. I believe that this is indeed one of the major strengths of physics, and it was a great choice in the context of this contest. As a bonus, you've shown that physicists (at least some of them) can sing and dance!

Your video was also quite elaborate technically, with a good choice of background clips, a strong narrative line, and an interesting link-up with the famous Isaac Asimov short story. I hope it does well in this contest, and wish you luck!


P.S. If you have a chance to view, comment and vote on my trilogy of videos entitled "This Is Physics" --- where I try to convey the "fun of physics" by focusing on some of the greatest moments of its history --- it would be quite appreciated. Not many community members are voting in this contest (compared to the regular FQXi essay contests), and I anticipate that it will be very hard for non-FQXi members like myself to reach the 10-votes we need to get before our entry can even be considered for the final round...

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Member Sabine Hossenfelder replied on Sep. 9, 2014 @ 04:40 GMT
Thanks :o) Ha, I can see, must be some shock that I started singing if you didn't expect it. I've made a few of these videos now so I was thinking most people will know what's coming. I'll check out your video!

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James Lyons Walsh wrote on Sep. 6, 2014 @ 18:36 GMT

I enjoyed your video a great deal. I remember "The Last Question" fondly from childhood. At the time, it gave me a feeling of sadness and well-being at the same time. Your video reminded me of that feeling.

I'd be grateful if you'd take a look at our video and give it a rating as a creator. I suspect that a rules change may happen, but ours is one of the majority not close to the 10 ratings needed to be considered for the finals. It's at the middle of the second row from the bottom if you sort alphabetically. Thanks if you get the chance.


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Mark Edward Prince wrote on Sep. 10, 2014 @ 21:55 GMT
Looks like we need to help each other out contestants!!! I have given your video a community vote!!! Please can you do the same for mine???

It is called "convection? Heat transfer? Who cares?"....

I hope that I can rely on you reciprocating the favour!!! Good luck!!

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Member Antony Garrett Lisi wrote on Sep. 11, 2014 @ 03:00 GMT
This is great, nicely done Sabine! One doesn't often encounter a description of cosmological eschatology as a music video.

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Adam Katcher wrote on Sep. 11, 2014 @ 23:23 GMT
Hi Sabine,

I'm going to be very honest here: at first I thought this was suuuper crazy. Then I thought it would be great soundtrack for dancing. Then I realized you are referencing Asimov's "The Last Question", which I find to be one of the best short stories out there.

So yeah, rollercoaster of emotions there. Thanks! I had a lot of fun watching your video.

In case you didn't yet, feel free to look up our video, in which we discuss what is quantum gravity, present an existing solution and give examples of applications and future directions.

I should warn you that our soundtrack (written by me) is not nearly as nightclub material... =)



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