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Turil Cronburg: on 9/12/14 at 12:22pm UTC, wrote Thanks, Jonathan. :-) And I'll try to check out your video. The big video...

Jonathan Dickau: on 9/11/14 at 16:36pm UTC, wrote You have it right Turil, Sharing the joy of some bit of knowledge that is...

Turil Cronburg: on 9/11/14 at 14:20pm UTC, wrote Heh. You don't need courage to do things that are normal, that aren't at...

Jonathan Dickau: on 9/11/14 at 2:05am UTC, wrote Yes I enjoyed it Turil, I must commend you for having the courage to put...

Turil Cronburg: on 7/3/14 at 15:46pm UTC, wrote Video Image Video URL ...


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Building Agency in the Biology Lab
Physicists are using optogenetics techniques to make a rudimentary agent, from cellular components, which can convert measurements into actions using light.

Think Quantum to Build Better AI
Investigating how quantum memory storage could aid machine learning and how quantum interactions with the environment may have played a role in evolution.

Outside the Box
A proposed quantum set-up that could predict your game-playing strategy resurrects Newcomb’s classic quiz show paradox.

The Quantum Agent
Investigating how the quantum measurement process might be related to the emergence of intelligence, agency and free will.

First Things First: The Physics of Causality
Why do we remember the past and not the future? Untangling the connections between cause and effect, choice, and entropy.

May 31, 2020

CATEGORY: Show Me the Physics! Video Contest (2014) [back]
TOPIC: Physics for Philosophers, and maybe Fish by Turil Sweden Cronburg [refresh]
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Turil Sweden Cronburg wrote on Jul. 3, 2014 @ 15:46 GMT
Video Image

Video URL

Video Description

Discover how you can enjoy being the physicist that you already are even more! If you’ve ever felt left out of physics discussions, this video is for you. Learn how physics can be far more fun and meaningful than you might have been taught. Also, enjoy some rocks and trees. If you want to explore the ways we can categorize anything, check out “Pascal's Triangle” on your favorite math, encyclopedia, or search website! (And apologies for the audio being too quiet in parts and then too loud in other parts. The mic on my camera is very sensitive, I guess.)

Video Creator Bio

Turil Cronburg is a teacher, artist, and philosopher focusing on exploring and sharing the patterns of development in life, as a way to support high quality decision-making at all levels. She is currently looking to create a global non-profit organization that supports groups of forward-thinking humans in starting community resource exchanges that serve as hubs freely connecting individuals with the diverse elements they need to achieve their dreams. She hopes to start out with a single life~work space for her and her collaborators and family somewhere in New England, and grow exponentially from there into the universe!

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Jonathan J. Dickau wrote on Sep. 11, 2014 @ 02:05 GMT
Yes I enjoyed it Turil,

I must commend you for having the courage to put yourself in front of a camera, and explain your views of the world. It was fun to have this window into your world, and to share in your delight of the natural environment and the lessons we can all learn from observing nature. That is indeed where the sciences got their start, thought now people equate Science with a laboratory. Go figure.

I wish you luck and hope you find time to see my video too.

All the Best,


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Turil Sweden Cronburg replied on Sep. 11, 2014 @ 14:20 GMT
Heh. You don't need courage to do things that are normal, that aren't at all scary! :-) I'm a teacher. So teaching is what I am totally comfortable doing. No bravery involved at all. Just me being me.

And yeah, I find it frustrating that most scientists seem to be terrible at teaching science, and even worse at inspiring those who aren't scientists to be interested in science. This contest really exemplifies the lack of scientific approaches to teaching science, given all the videos that are exceedingly boring, overly technical, trying too hard to be "cool", or just not at all useful in addressing the real topics that most people care about. To be a good teacher, you have to really understand what your students feel and think and want to understand. Just knowing what you're talking about doesn't really do the trick. Teaching is all about compassion and sharing the joy of some really useful bit of information, such as the fact that all of us are physicists, because we have complex brains that can plot probabilities better than most fancy computers! :-)

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Jonathan J. Dickau replied on Sep. 11, 2014 @ 16:36 GMT
You have it right Turil,

Sharing the joy of some bit of knowledge that is helpful and wonderful is what it is all about. I think that teaching a subject like Science well demands that you actually like doing Science, or figuring things out scientifically - and sharing the wonder of that. Being able to figure things out, and knowing that even developing a rudimentary understanding of nature is doing Physics, allows young people to latch on to a love for the sciences at an early age. Too often; it is made exclusive, or overly technical, so that young people who would be scientists never catch the Science bug. Let's hope some of them find you instead.

All the Best,


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Turil Sweden Cronburg wrote on Sep. 12, 2014 @ 12:22 GMT
Thanks, Jonathan. :-) And I'll try to check out your video. The big video list on this site likes to crash my browsers, so I haven't been able to look at a lot of them. I can see them on YouTube usually. If you tell me the name of your video, I'll check it out!

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