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Anonymous: on 6/7/14 at 3:42am UTC, wrote Hi Georgina & Turil !!! Thank you both for taking up & commenting of some...

Margriet O'Regan: on 6/7/14 at 2:21am UTC, wrote Hello Gyenge from Margriet Anne O'Regan ~ (Oops - this is meant to be a...

Margriet O'Regan: on 6/7/14 at 2:10am UTC, wrote we are down to the last seconds - its already June 7 here in Oz - but as...

Anonymous: on 6/7/14 at 1:53am UTC, wrote Hello again Jonethan from Margriet Anne O'Regan ~ I'm very glad that my...

Jeffrey Schmitz: on 6/7/14 at 0:36am UTC, wrote Margriet, Interesting use of punctuation, as a Science major I had no...

Anonymous: on 6/6/14 at 22:27pm UTC, wrote Vladimer ~ I am so glad you took the time to let me know your sentiments on...

Margriet O'Regan: on 6/6/14 at 21:42pm UTC, wrote Super !!! I'm really chuffed to find another EU-er !!! & I agree that the...

Peter Jackson: on 6/3/14 at 14:56pm UTC, wrote Margriet, I forgot to mention, I'm not 'shocked' by the Electric Universe...


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September 27, 2021

CATEGORY: How Should Humanity Steer the Future? Essay Contest (2014) [back]
TOPIC: How Should Humanity Steer the Future ? by Margriet Anne O'Regan [refresh]
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Author Margriet Anne O'Regan wrote on May. 2, 2014 @ 18:16 GMT
Essay Abstract

I have drawn the recommendations I present in my essay from evolutionary biology which latter,I believe, is quite clear on the direction we should steer ourselves if we are to avoid now almost certain omnicidal oblivion. The evolutionary law which governs the relationship between the sexes goes as follows : "Evolutionary viability as critically relies on female centrality//male marginality as it does on the availability of sufficient & suitable subsistence resources". This law obtains simply enough due to females' definitively greater contribution to primary reproduction. If females do not have an existential position of 'centrality' vis a vis the males of their species - which is presently the case in our own circumstance - reproductively active females (our womenfolk) will be unable to optimise their primary reproductive enterprise, under which circumstance the species will inexorably devolve. I believe this is precisely our own predicament at this present time, so the recommendation from evolutionary biology is clear. We must 're-centralise' women in order that they may first relearn how, & then carry out their all-important primary reproductive work at its optimal level - which 'level' is, not at all so incidentally, NOT the largest number of children possible. Far from it, but rather that our mothers will bring our children into this world at more or less exactly the carrying capacity of our evolutionnarily normal socio-ecological milieu, doing so not only entirely free from male domination or direction, but rather with the latter's enthusiastic & unquestioning help & support. Anthropological studies suggest that during prehistory we lived in matrilineal clans in which women were afforded a centrality they have not enjoyed for upwards of roughly 8 - 10,000 years. Unless we reverse the relationship currently existing between the sexes, we're doomed. This, I believe, is the clarion call from evolutionary biology.

Author Bio

I am a 70 yr old amateur Antipodean truth-seeker & an avid nature lover despairing at our present wanton destruction of our once glorious planetary home. I have an unquenchable curiosity for 'life, the universe & everything' & my search for answers eventually led me to evolutionary biology. As you will see in my essay, my interpretation of evolutionary biology & the answers I believe I found therein - & more importantly as evidenced in the natural world at large, are highly unconventional to say the least !

Download Essay PDF File

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James Dunn wrote on May. 4, 2014 @ 02:27 GMT
I disagree. I know of men that are as emotionally and rationally connected to their children and society as any woman. Also, I know of women who abandoned their children, neglected and had their children taken from them ...

However, rational people regardless of gender have a better chance of making broadly considered decisions. Look at Sweden and Norway; these are female dominated...

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Anonymous wrote on May. 4, 2014 @ 08:08 GMT
Hi Margriet,

strong views and clear vision, a novel approach to the question.

A few things I disagree with, one is the health long term of a fruitarian diet. Without care it is deficient in a number of nutrients and is high in fructose, that is bad for the body in excess. Not recommended for pregnant women, or children because the foetus and children require all the necessary nutrients for growth and development.

I also think that in most developed countries we have got beyond regarding women as purely for breeding, though not beyond disrespect especially in a number of music genres and music industry videos where blatant sexism is touted. More and more women are choosing to be child free because of the freedom, career opportunities and lifestyle being child free allows.

Even a lion can tell the difference between his own offspring and those of his rival. The rival's offspring he is likely to kill though he will tolerate and protect his own. So I am skeptical about the ignorance of uneducated people regarding the consequences of the sex act.

The idea of having extended families raising children is good. That still happens in some communities. They exist alongside the western culture of nuclear families and variations such as blended families, step families and single parent families. There is no reason why the nuclear family should be regarded as ideal.As you point out a mother is able to access more help and support with extended family around her.

Kind regards, Georgina

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Anonymous replied on May. 5, 2014 @ 14:02 GMT
Georgina, I just wanted to add that we primates are mostly designed to eat leaves and fruit, with the occasional extra fatty something-or-other (animal or vegetable). So I'd agree that just fruit would make us at least somewhat deficient. But a raw fruit diet is probably a while lot better than what most folks eat right now! Best is most likely a raw diet primarily of leafy greens, plus fruits and veggies and nuts/seeds, with the occasional anything else one feels one really wants. No deprivation necessary (since raw plant matter fills us up really well, both calorically and nutritionally), while also getting the most health and happiness.

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Turil Sweden Cronburg replied on May. 5, 2014 @ 14:04 GMT
Um... That was me right up there. It's never logged me out like that before! (Though I've heard others mention the problem...)

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Anonymous replied on Jun. 7, 2014 @ 03:42 GMT
Hi Georgina & Turil !!!

Thank you both for taking up & commenting of some of the threads in my essay - I've left replying to you literally to the last few minutes - it's already June 7 over here in Australia !!

As it will take nothing less than a full book to present the science of 'female centrality' (it's way past 'an hypothesis') I should delay no further & get on with it, but the...

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Georgina Woodward wrote on May. 6, 2014 @ 23:29 GMT

agreed it is better short term than the standard american diet. Food for thought High fat nutrition There are a great manner articles on the hyperlipid site, many looking at flawed conclusions from scientific experiments.

Interesting use of ketogenuc diet to fight cancer

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Joe Fisher wrote on May. 7, 2014 @ 13:36 GMT
Dear Ms. O'Regan,

Your exceptionally well written essay was utterly fascinating, and I do hope that it does well in the competition. Since I retired in 1997, I make sure to eat a bowl of fruit topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream before I go to bed. I am in better health now than I was when I was a lot younger.

With my highest regards,

Joe Fisher

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Peter Jackson wrote on May. 9, 2014 @ 19:39 GMT

Well I didn't see that one coming! There's everyone busy discussing how to have far less children and stop population growth, indeed reduce it dramatically, and up you pop with the other viewpoint! What a return to Earth with a bump.

After consideration I've decided, speaking as a man (never tried otherwise - though Tom suggested literal transvesticism!) that I have no problem with your proposals at all! Once we start populating the Local Group I (I fancy Andromeda) we'll need to get the populus up.

Can I have a few caveats; To ensure women get a good supply of the best fruit and veg I'll limit myself mainly to carbs, meat and dairy products (I do like a little bit of butter on my bread). I'm also perfectly happy to turn up for reproduction duties with whoever takes a fancy to me, and also to do exactly as I'm told most of the time, designing nice new houses etc.

I do have a sense of deja vu about it. It does seem to sound a lot like the life I used to lead, or maybe fancied leading, before I got old in fact! Don't most of the guys in Aus do that yet?

Lovely essay Margriet, highly original, well argued and nicely written.

I won't twist your arm to read mine this year (though points gratefully received!) unless you now something about 'quantum mechanics' It does make sense of the current nonsense, but the trouble is you probably have to understand the nonsense first to see it's classical solution. Actually it's also a bit of a romance... but prap's you shouldn't bother!

Best wishes for staying away from the bottom anyway. Keep it up, you're improving all the time.


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Author Margriet Anne O'Regan replied on Jun. 3, 2014 @ 09:05 GMT
Thank you, Peter, for your kind remarks !!!

Right off the bat, though, yes, population is almost if not quite entirely the number one problem we face (other than men controlling everything). Your comments seemed to suggest that you thought that I said 're-centralising' women would jump our numbers UP! I meant to make it quite clear that our numbers would plummet with women in control of their lives especisally including their reproductive enterprise. The "opimum" number of children is not the same as having "lots" of them. Our closest cousins bear young only every 5 or 6 years.

Do you remember "God" telling Abraham (one of the original (& worst) patriarchs) that his seed/children would number as the sands of the sea. Well one way or another it's come true - but look where it's got us !!!!

I'll have a peep at your essay as I also love physics.

Cheers - Margiet

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Michael muteru wrote on May. 16, 2014 @ 13:23 GMT

I think you got your message through,though leaning too much on one side.I argue that without the presence of man the woman is useless,so too is man useless without woman,for woman gives forth and nourishes homo sapiens sapiens children,Both man and Woman are essentially needed for procreation and sustenance and mutual trust must exist between the two for survival in hostile environment and prosperity.Life began in Africa,the place of woman in our societies was of value.Its that mutual respect and love in these families that h.sapiens survived to give forth all what we call humanity.I have described abit of that in my essay LIVING IN THE SHADOWS OF THE SUN: REALITIES, PERILS ESCAPADES MAN, PLANET AND KARDASHEV SCALE.MAKING THE GREAT TRANSITION by Michael muteru weblink take your precious time to rate/review it.Thanks all the best

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Gyenge Valeria wrote on May. 22, 2014 @ 20:46 GMT
Dear Margriet!

I read your essay with deep appreciation of your knowledge and enthusiasm about female supportive social arrangement on Earth. It is undoubtedly true there is a male dominance present, and there are yet social structures where the women are even yet in subordinate state very for reproduction, caring for children and keeping housework only.

However, I do not think,...

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Gyenge Valeria replied on May. 23, 2014 @ 07:22 GMT
Dear Margriet!

Let me correct a sentence written above in my comment. I wrote it ambiguously.

"...Neither male or female in any meaning are more important. The importance is balance!"



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Author Margriet Anne O'Regan replied on Jun. 7, 2014 @ 02:21 GMT
Hello Gyenge from Margriet Anne O'Regan ~ (Oops - this is meant to be a reply to Gyenge)

Thank you for your kind remarks on my essay !

Here I quote from you : "I think also, the 'evolutionary biology' is not restricted only for mentioning the process of generating offspring. That may be extended studying all aspects of molecular and non molecular evolution."

I agree with you wholeheartedly. In fact I'd like to correspond further with you on these topics if you would agree. You can email me at

As 'information science' is also one of my most favourite areas of research I submitted an essay ("INFORMATION AT LAST!")in the FQXi essay competition last year 2013 ('It From Bit or Bit from It').

It would be a great honour if you would read that essay too & comment on it.

Love & happiness to all,

Margriet Anne O'Regan

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Denis Frith wrote on May. 23, 2014 @ 02:48 GMT

I expect that many women will be involved in the ELAM movement in order to provide a balanced viewpoint. The objective of the movement is to provide sound advice and promote sound measures to guide humanity's steering of the future operation of the systems of civilization. The movement will need a variety of views, with those of women being necessary.


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Gbenga Michael Ogungbuyi wrote on May. 26, 2014 @ 08:19 GMT
Dear Mrs Margriet,

I am delighted to see an active woman at your age in this competition. It's appreciated! But unfortunately I can see that you do not respond to the previous comments posted by members of the forum. Your good essay could have been more warm by your response to these great comments.



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Janko Kokosar wrote on May. 28, 2014 @ 12:55 GMT
Dear Mrs Margriet O'Regan

You gave an interesting presentation of one form of social relations. I think, that one culture in China is the most evident. Is this Mosuo? We can ask ourselves, what is the most typical reason that such community survived. Maybe they had not needed so much security as other communities on the world. What do you think?

You gave an example of impact of women on ecology. But, if women would really be so enthusiastic about ecology, we would today have electrical cars in majority. Namely, men buy cars also as a status symbol, or a symbol of a social position. They use them as boasting in the presence of women. If the women would be enraptured with buyers and developers of such cars, such cars would be today in majority. Where the motivation is, the way is also paved. But, maybe you can give also this appeal to women, beside your theory. Namely, life in cities would be much more improved if the majority of cars would be electrical.

My essay

p.s. For my essay I searched data about some lake in one cave when one species of fishes lives. Their number is controlled so that they eat each other. As a biologist, do you maybe know the name of this lake, cave and fishes?

Best regards Janko Kokosar

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Jonathan J. Dickau wrote on May. 28, 2014 @ 20:06 GMT
Hello Margriet,

Perhaps I should begin by saying Hail the Goddess! I find myself largely in agreement with the central thesis of your essay, but with female choice being what it is today, and given what the historical record has shown, I have my doubts that a matriarchal society would stay that way for long. Part of it is that the tradition of child-bearing and child-rearing has eroded,...

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Anonymous replied on Jun. 7, 2014 @ 01:53 GMT
Hello again Jonethan from Margriet Anne O'Regan ~

I'm very glad that my thesis had some resonance for you !

'Goddess' you say !!? He he. Although to be honest, I have long fantized about having the following message printed on my T shirt - "Place pedestal beneath & worship" !!!!!!!!

My point is that mothering is the fountainhead & source of all that is good & right & true -...

view entire post

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Peter Jackson wrote on Jun. 3, 2014 @ 13:36 GMT

Thanks for you post on mine. To save a search I responded as follows;

"I promise you QM isn't my 'favourite topic' by a long way! History has proved conclusively that despite our common view it's the advancement of understanding of physical nature that has always dictated and directed our development. Our psyche has rather followed behind, confounded by what it all means!

I argue and demonstrate the power of advancement of THINKING methodology. Stop using brains as repositories, use them to find and challenge old assumptions and 'analyse' better. Our brains have the capacity, as Judy says; we just need to teach them how and practice it.

That's what my essays's really about, making a real tangible LEAP in the right direction, realistically possible immediately! What other essay does so?! I'm a little sad I've failed to get that across (to so many the way my scores keep building but slipping back down). But of course we all THINK that we think outside all the boxes so ignore the greater possibilities. Energy without fossil fuels then slips back to the future a little more!

Thanks kindly for reading it anyway. I hope you may at least have seen how the nonsense of QM CAN be understood classically, unifying understanding (I hope you saw the end note experiment you can do at home)."

I hope you may now better see it's relevance and value. I do action not just semantics. I've just checked and I scored yours, raising it from the mid 3's. Well done again for your powerfully Amazonian and well argued proposition.

Best wishes


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Author Margriet Anne O'Regan replied on Jun. 7, 2014 @ 02:10 GMT
we are down to the last seconds - its already June 7 here in Oz - but as I've already said I'd like to correspond with you - AND I'm going to re-read your essay as I like what you say is its real message.

I wonder if you would be inspired to reread my "It From Bit or Bit from It" essay last year ??? I would value your opinion of it very highly - now that I know you are an EU-er !!!!

Cheers again,

Margriet Anne O'Regan

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Vladimir F. Tamari wrote on Jun. 3, 2014 @ 14:28 GMT
Hello Margriet

As an artist I have a great love for the female 'look' - beauty yes, but more importantly that sense of 'knowing what it is all about' that a strong "insensitive" male face blocks out. The mothering must have something to do with this close understanding of humanity's needs. So I do understand and sympathise with your main thesis, that we men have led our race to the edge of extinction and are still at it, "leading", "steering" and "guiding", and it is time to let the females take charge.

Trouble is that in their struggle for equality some women in many Western cultures have almost abandoned this essential gentle mothering side, even when they are actually mothers. At the same time effeminate men tend to be encouraged in cultures like Japan. Is all of this leading to a unisex society where men and women share - when possible - roles and duties?

I am 72, so the working out of these ideas and trends will become clearer after our time! And I am so happy to see the affection my daughter lavishes on her two-year old boy even as she has a successful career in a profession traditionally manned by men (pun intended). The protagonists in my essay-scenario are all men, but now you made me realise that I should have included women!

Best wishes


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Anonymous replied on Jun. 6, 2014 @ 22:27 GMT
Vladimer ~ I am so glad you took the time to let me know your sentiments on 'mothering'. As I say in my essay even if we do recentralise women, we - us women - will have to relearn mothering all over again. Which is fortunately happening for some mothers.

One of the many worst features of the direction we are in now is that it has taken us further & further away from nature. Apart from...

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Peter Jackson wrote on Jun. 3, 2014 @ 14:56 GMT

I forgot to mention, I'm not 'shocked' by the Electric Universe and Thunderbolts project as I've been very familiar with Wal Thornhill and the whole groups work for some time. Mainstream theoretical doctrine mainly hates plasma as it doesn't 'fit' old models and is still poorly understood, yet it's the essential at the heart of most other physics!

Many of the EU2014 lectures were authoritative and brilliant. I do however have to distance myself from the odd excess such as the 'Thunderbolts of the Gods' video which I think could undermine the solid credibility of the work for many. Why so many deny electricity in space, half the EM phenomena, is quite beyond me. Fundamentally the problems all stem from the prohibition of a field in the flawed original 'interpretation' of SR. The disciples grasp it like a lifeline!

Have you read my logical cosmology paper explaining the coherent role of plasmas yet? There are various preprint links around.

Best wishes


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Author Margriet Anne O'Regan replied on Jun. 6, 2014 @ 21:42 GMT
Super !!! I'm really chuffed to find another EU-er !!! & I agree that the mythological stuff is a real hurdle to the whole thing.

I only bothered to re-examine that approach after months & months of absorbing all the plasma & electrical science.

Valles marinaris on Mars (not to omit all of its other topographical features) has become one the most convincing bits of evidence for me that our planets were in some kind of gargantuan electrical drama not so long ago.

And as geology is also one of my most favourite interests, I also find the EU interpretation of many of our own most spectacular topographical features - including our Uluru here in Oz - overwhelmingly convincing.

Back to another seminal weakness in their "Thunderbolts of the Gods" approach. Given that the Old Testament is full of 'fire & brimstone' raining down from the heavens - not to omit the Sun standing still etc - WHY in God's name (to coin a phrase !) do they not include those stories in their lists of evidence ?? It is because they don't wish to offend any Christians in their midst - which reticence was hinted at somewhere in their exegesis. Great pity. Given that the entire West is pretty much based on the Bible.

Peter, I'm not very good at looking things up via the net yet. I'd love it if you'd email me where I can view your cosmological paper - or better yet just email it to me at ??? I'd really like that, thanks.


Margriet Anne O'Regan

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Jeffrey Michael Schmitz wrote on Jun. 7, 2014 @ 00:36 GMT

Interesting use of punctuation, as a Science major I had no problem with it. You were clear and to the point. As a male, I felt I have had very little influence on our society. I would gladly give up whatever small amount of power I have to help our planet.

All the best,


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